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Cracow. Over 50 rabbits and five dogs in a tiny apartment. Unusual intervention of KTOZ inspectors

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A woman came to the inspectors of the Krakow Society for the Care of Animals because she was no longer able to care for several of her rabbits. When she asked for help a second time, and then again, KTOZ employees became suspicious. It turned out that in her one-room apartment, the pet owner lived with more than 50 rabbits and five dogs, and she herself did not even have a bed.

The case was announced in a communication by the Krakow Society for the Care of Animals (KTOZ). The organization was contacted by a woman who asked if the inspectors could take away a few rabbits from her, because she already has several animals and is unable to cope with their maintenance and treatment on her own. KTOZ employees agreed. In the following days, the woman reported to the company with similar requests twice.

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WHO: The tiny apartment was completely occupied by rabbits

The rabbits that were delivered to KTOZ employees were sick and needed treatment. Despite persuasion, the woman did not want to let the inspectors into her apartment. However, when she asked for help for the third time, the representatives of the society had their way. They convinced the woman that they needed to check the condition of the animals.

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The woman lived with dozens of rabbits and five dogs in a one-room apartmentKrakow Society for the Care of Animals

Inspector Joanna, who described the case on the KTOZ website, admitted that she did not expect the view she found. “The tiny one-room apartment was completely occupied by rabbits. In the only room, rabbits were literally EVERYWHERE. In cages stacked on top of each other, on the floor covered with hay (several were running loose). According to the lady, the rabbits are released in turns,” the release reads. .

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According to the inspector, there was only a narrow passage between the cages in the entire room. “There was almost no furniture, only cages and products for rabbits everywhere,” Joanna writes. There wasn’t even a bed. As it turned out, the woman was sleeping on a mattress that was folded out for the night.

The woman lived with dozens of rabbits and five dogs in a one-room apartmentKrakow Society for the Care of Animals

“You also need to be able to help”

But that’s not all. In the miniature kitchen of the apartment, KTOZ inspectors found five more dogs.

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“After long negotiations, we managed to persuade her to give us three dogs. Four dogs have been with her for a short time. They were pressed by people who saw that the lady had a soft heart and was easy to manipulate” – we read in the inspector’s post.

KTOZ employees also persuaded the owner of the animals to give them all the rabbits. Representatives of the organization emphasized that despite the poor financial situation of the woman and poor conditions, the animals were fed with high-quality food.

Several animals have already been adopted. The remaining rabbits were taken care of by the “Uszata Przystań” Foundation in Krakow. All required – and some still require – costly treatment. The Krakow Society for the Care of Animals has already spent over PLN 100,000 on medical care and medicines.

“The moral of this story: you also need to be able to help and not be ashamed to ask for help” – we read in the entry. Due to the high cost of treatment, the inspectors are asking for financial assistance.

Main photo source: Krakow Society for the Care of Animals

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