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Cracow. Physician Prof. Hubert Huras about the birth of quintuplets

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Quintuplets were born in Krakow. Their mother spent almost two months in the hospital, because – as the doctors explain – the pregnancy was difficult to manage, with numerous complications. The birth was successful, however, with the birth of three girls and two boys. At home, dad and seven siblings are already waiting for the children.

ABOUT exceptional delivery, the hospital announced on social media, while noting that quintuplet pregnancy is extremely rare – it occurs once in 52 million cases. In an interview on TVN24, prof. Hubert Huras, head of the Clinical Department of Obstetrics and Perinatology at the University Hospital in Krakow, explained that bringing quintuplets into the world was associated with many challenges.

– The patient’s pregnancy was very difficult to manage, because you have a rich obstetric history. The pregnancy was complicated by hypertension and diabetes, but also by one of the most severe pathologies, which is placenta praevia. She needed a lot of attention. We managed to lead this pregnancy, maintain it until the 28th week, which is according to the book when it comes to a quintuplet pregnancy – said prof. Hurray.

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The Krakow hospital is perfectly prepared to accept particularly difficult pregnancies. – Our center has the greatest experience when it comes to placental pathologies, thanks to the management we are equipped to undertake these pregnancies. We always offer help, as patients and colleagues from other voivodeships know about it – noted the head of the department.

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Professor Huras: Triplet pregnancies happen several times a year, quintuplets were the first

The pregnant woman spent about two months in the hospital. – Mom came to us around the 21st week of pregnancy. It is known that fetal health monitoring was particularly limited, because we cannot always see everything in an ultrasound examination. Additional pathologies of this pregnancy required the correct treatment of hypertension, and in the case of delivery, the correct preparation of children. If we have a premature birth, we are able to help neonatologists through intrauterine stimulation of lung development or the protective effect of magnesium sulphate on children’s brains, explained the doctor on TVN24.

As pointed out by prof. Huras, “every week is a greater maturity of children and a greater chance for their proper development.” – There is an opinion that multiple pregnancies mature faster, but 28 weeks is still 28 weeks, they are not full-term newborns – he said.

The TVN24 interlocutor also pointed out that while triplets occur several times a year, quintuplets have occurred for the first time since he has been managing the clinic, i.e. for about 10 years.

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Mom and children are doing well

Charles Patrick, Henry James, Elizabeth May, Evangeline Rose and Arianna Daisy weigh between 710 and 1,400 grams, each measuring approximately 40 centimeters. All of them were taken care of by the team of the Clinical Department of Neonatology, headed by Professor Ryszard Lauterbach, where they will spend the next few weeks.

According to hospital officials, the children and mother are doing well. “At home, however, the native of Poland is already waiting impatiently for them England dad and seven siblings,” reads the statement posted on the hospital’s website.

Quintuplets were born in Krakow. The whole conversation with Professor Hubert HurasTVN24

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