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Cracow. President Jacek Majchrowski punished again for smoking a cigar in his office

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The mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, was fined for the second time by city guards for smoking a cigar in his office. This time he fell because he didn’t put it out during the recording for the media.

The mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, was recorded smoking a cigar in his office. The politician was waiting in front of the computer for an online interview. Before the conversation, however, there was a broadcast during which you could see the mayor of the city reaching for a cigar and puffing on it. Majchrowski put them down when he received information that the interview was about to begin.

The information about the mandate accepted by the president was confirmed by Dariusz Nowak from the press office of the Krakow magistrate. However, he did not specify how much the fine was. Nowak also added that there is a designated place for smoking on the premises of the office and anyone who wants to give up smoking should use it.

This is the second fine for the same offense for the mayor of Krakow. He informed about the first one, in 2021, on social media. “It happens that the mayor of Krakow also pays fines. After complaining about me lighting a cigar in the office, I received a city ​​guard mandate. Well, it happened … Anticipating – sometimes I also use bad words “- wrote Majchrowski.

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Application from a resident

At that time, the city guards also issued a mandate to the mayor. – We were contacted by a resident who expressed his willingness to testify against the president for smoking in the workplace. The man attached photos and a video as evidence in this case – said in 2021 the spokesman for the Krakow City Guard, Marek Anioł.

According to the Anti-Nicotine Act, smoking in the workplace is prohibited. – As in every such case, an investigation was initiated, which we informed the president. And it was he who decided to accept a penalty ticket, which ended the proceedings – informed Marek Anioł.


Main photo source: Jacek Majchrowski/PAP

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