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Cracow. Repairing the pavement on Westerplatte Street can cost hundreds of thousands of zlotys. It’s falling apart now

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“Combination of a swing and a sidewalk” – this is how the residents who cannot ask for repair of the troublesome section say about the paving slabs in the very center of Krakow. Thousands of Cracovians and tourists pass by Westerplatte Street right next to the Main Square every day. Despite this, paving slabs are still unstable, uneven, and large faults appear between them. The city says it doesn’t have the money to fix it. We are talking about costs of several hundred thousand zlotys.

The very center of Krakow, street Westerplatte. The vicinity of the Main Market Square, the area of ​​the Main Post Office stop crowded with passengers and at the same time the route to the railway station. It would seem that such a sensitive place on the map of the city must be kept in an exemplary condition.

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Nothing could be more wrong. As noted by Krzysztof Kwarciak, head of the Ulepszamy Kraków association, the pavement on the side of the fire brigade is falling apart and is a dangerous trap for passers-by. One of the residents reported the matter to the activists of this association, who claims that she has unsuccessfully reported the poor condition of the boards many times.

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Destroyed pavement on Westerplatte street in KrakowKrzysztof Kwarciak

Destroyed pavement on Westerplatte street in KrakowKrzysztof Kwarciak

“Walking around Krakow sometimes becomes an extreme sport”

As reported by Kwarciak, the biggest problem is with several dozen meters of pavement between Kopernika Street and the headquarters of firefighters. – Municipal procedures do not work, and no one cares that there may be an accident. Mrs. Kinga, who reported to us, claims that she has repeatedly reported interventions, which were then ignored. Once she heard valuable advice from an official that you should look at your feet – reports the head of the We Improve Krakow association.

– Defects could be removed by an intervention team in a few hours, but officials completely ignore the problem – adds the activist. He points out that the seat of the City of Krakow is located nearby, so probably some of the officials who go to work through this area have already had the opportunity to see the crumbling pavement.

Destroyed pavement on Westerplatte street in KrakowKrzysztof Kwarciak

– Trying to look for positives, however, it must be admitted that a quite unique structure was created that connects the swing with the pavement. Thanks to this, parents who do not have time to take their children to the playground can organize fun for their children on the way. I am afraid, however, that many Krakow orthopedic offices may also be the beneficiaries of the solution. This is how it is that walking around Krakow sometimes becomes an extreme sport – ironically Krzysztof Kwarciak.

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Office: the repair will cost hundreds of thousands of zlotys

Michał Pyclik from the Road Management of the City of Krakow emphasizes that the damage was caused by the weight of cars parked there. Along Westerplatte Street, parking is allowed on a fragment of the pavement. – Probably some heavier vehicle drove in there and that’s probably how these bumps were created. Another problem is the gutters, from which water is flushed onto the sidewalk, and as a result there are gaps – he says.

A representative of ZDMK assures that the situation is new and so far officials have not received reports of moving plates. Today we will send a contractor to the site to check how to respond to intervention. We encourage you to report this type of damage to our dispatch office at 12 616 75 55. It is open 24 hours a day – Pyclik points out.

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Interventional repair, however, will not make the condition of the pavement significantly better. It turns out that a more in-depth renovation is very expensive. – We would like to renovate this sidewalk, but we are still looking for money in the budget. This is a very expensive walkway and a long stretch. We are talking about several hundred thousand zlotys – points out Michał Pyclik.

Main photo source: Krzysztof Kwarciak

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