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Cracow. She was one of the most wanted women in Europe. Magdalena K. will stand trial

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Magdalena K., her partner Mariusz Z. and 10 Cracovia hooligans will stand trial. The indictment was sent to the court in Kraków. The group was to be led by K. The accused was hiding in Slovakia, where she applied for political asylum. She was brought to Poland in November last year on the basis of the European arrest warrant.

The investigation against Magdalena K. was conducted by the Małopolska Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków. The woman will answer before the District Court in Krakow, among others for managing an organized criminal group which included hooligans of the Cracovia sports club. The prosecutor also accused K. of drug smuggling and trafficking, obstruction of criminal proceedings, giving false testimony and imposing on the same people, money laundering, incl. by purchasing a luxury apartment and a Mercedes 200 CLA car. Magdalena K. has also been accused of the appropriation of a BMW M 6 car. If the court finds Magdalena K. guilty, she may face up to 15 years imprisonment.

She will not be alone in the dock

Next to K., her cohabitant, Mariusz Z, will sit on the defendants’ bench. The man has previously been accused of leading this criminal group, drug offenses and money laundering. However, in a recently completed investigation, the prosecution accused him of completely new acts. “Currently, the indictment covers the earlier period of the activities of the criminal group led, among others, by Mariusz Z. and his brother Adrian, as well as other revealed crimes, such as running a marijuana plantation, extortion of motor insurance based on fictitious road collisions and simulated thefts of luxury cars such as the Mercedes 600 SL, audi A8, audi RS 7, bmw 4, ransom demands for the return of a stolen Audi A5 vehicle “- the PK Press Department reported.

Mariusz Z. is also accused of having “arranged” a postponement of the imprisonment, sending “a person suffering from serious back problems” for medical examinations, and introducing himself as him. “On the basis of the prepared research results, the accused obtained further medical documentation. The court expert found that serving the sentence of imprisonment may endanger the health of the convict. Mariusz Z. served the sentence of imprisonment only after his arrest, which took place on December 15, 2017. acts can be punished with up to 15 years imprisonment “- the National Prosecutor’s Office reported.

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Another ten defendants accused the prosecutor of drug smuggling and trafficking as well as running marijuana plantations, committing a number of crimes against property, mainly car insurance frauds and making false statements.

She was wanted by an Interpol red note

The main defendant in this case, Magdalena K., was wanted with a European Arrest Warrant and a red Interpol note. The woman was arrested on March 28 last year, but she was not sent to Poland until November 20. First, the permission to issue it to Poland was given by the District Court in Banska Bystrzyca, and then the consent was upheld by the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic. The extradition procedure lasted many months, because K.’s defense made, inter alia, for granting her political asylum and arguing that the principles of the rule of law are violated in Poland, therefore a woman cannot count on a fair trial. K. also made two attempts to obtain a letter of iron from the District Court in Krakow, which would enable her to answer the so-called free rate pending a final judgment.

Magdalena K. was one of the most wanted women in EuropePolice

In the course of the investigation, Magdalena K. pleaded not guilty.


She was supposed to manage a group of several dozen hooligans

The prosecutor’s office said that the criminal group that Magdalena K. was supposed to lead was composed of members of the hooligans of Cracovia club. K. was to manage a group of several dozen, which traded in, among others, marijuana and cocaine. J.as previously reported, the woman was to become a member of a criminal group because she was the partner of her boss, Mariusz Z.

“The group also committed acts against life and health, often with the use of dangerous tools, such as knives and machetes. In this way, they attacked hooligans of one of the Krakow and Lodz football clubs. Their activities were characterized by a high degree of organization and service” – PK informed. .

The group smuggled – according to investigators – from the Netherlands to Poland 5.5 tons of marijuana worth PLN 88 million and 120 kg of cocaine worth about EUR 4.3 million.

Main photo source: Police

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