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Cracow. Strange chalk marks at the door, tiny coins on the doormat, and an increasing number of home break-ins

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In Krakow, the number of burglaries into houses and flats in Krakow increased by about 25 percent in relation to the time before the pandemic. Residents report that some apartments have strange chalk markings and small coins on the doormats. This could be a way of marking premises against break-ins. Police officers – both in uniform and in plain clothes – are to patrol the districts where the problem is greatest more often.

According to information prepared for PAP by the city police headquarters, in the first half of this year, 173 reports of burglary into houses and apartments were recorded in Krakow. In the same period in 2021 – 68. And in the first half of 2019, i.e. before the pandemic -133. Compared to 2022 (from January to the end of June), this means an increase of approx. 25%.

Where the problem is greatest

The largest number of burglaries (33) since the beginning of 2022 has been recorded by police station No. IV, which is subordinate to Bronowice, Krowodrza and Zwierzyniec, and police station No. 3 for the districts of Prądnik Czerwony and Prądnik Biały (32 burglaries). 30 burglaries were registered by the VI police station for the districts of Bieżanów-Prokocim, Podgórze Duchackie and Swoszowice. The smallest number of burglaries (7) is in Grzegórzki, where the headquarters of the Małopolska police, prosecutor’s office and courts are also located.

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In the first half of the previous year, the highest number of burglaries (16) was recorded by police station VI, then police station III. In the remaining regions there were single break-ins and also the least in Grzegórzki.


Nowa Huta, stereotypically perceived as one of the most dangerous districts, has average statistics in terms of crime – the first half of 2022 – 17 burglaries, the same time in the previous year – 10.

– Due to more frequent signals about burglaries to apartments and the conducted analysis of the events, we decided to increase the frequency of patrols of both uniformed and non-uniformed policemen in the areas where such incidents take place – Piotr Szpiech, spokesman of the city police headquarters, told PAP.

Mysterious signs at the door

The police receive signals from residents of various regions of Krakow about suspicious graphic signs, e.g. painted with chalk, at the door, but also about leaving small coins on the doormats. – This could be a way for burglars to obtain information about the long absence of residents in a given premises – noted the spokesman.

As he announced, the policemen will react to disturbing behavior of people near the blocks, especially at night, but – as he added – it will not replace neighborhood vigilance and proper protection of their property.

In addition, policemen from police station V (for Dębniki, Podgórze and Łagiewniki-Borek Fałęcki) were to provide administrators of housing communities and cooperatives with a short information with a request to disseminate it in buildings. These messages concern the closing of gates in blocks, the need to collect small items from the doormats, blurring the signs at the door.

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