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Cracow. The accident of Beata Szydło’s column. Closing speeches in the appeal process

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The appeal process after the accident of the government column in Oświęcim ends before the District Court in Kraków. Closing speeches are scheduled for Tuesday, and a verdict is possible. Sebastian Kościelnik, the driver of the Seicento, with whom a government limousine collided in 2017 in Oświęcim, is not legally convicted in this case. The man – as he repeatedly emphasized in front of TVN24 cameras – believes in a fair sentence.

On Friday, February 10, exactly six years have passed since the accident. Sebastian Kościelnik then published an entry on Twitter in which he once again referred to the case. He called it “an unequal and restless battle”.

“How can you talk about equality when the entire state apparatus has been engaged in action against a citizen who had the audacity to stand in the way of power?” he commented in the post.

Sebastian Kościelnik’s entry on the sixth anniversary of the accident.

The accident happened on February 10, 2017 in Oświęcim. The judgment of the first instance was issued in mid-2020. Then Sebastian Kościelnik was found guilty of causing a collision with a government column. However, the court did not impose a sentence on the man. At the same time, an officer of the Government Protection Bureau was indicated as an accomplice in the accident. The court sent a notification in this case to the prosecutor’s office, but the latter did not initiate proceedings.

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Defender on the verdict in the case of Beata Szydło’s accidentTVN24

Both the prosecutor’s office and Mr defender of Sebastian Kościelnik. The appeal process began in March 2021.

Re-interrogations of former BOR officers

In the course of the appeal process, former officers of the Government Protection Bureau were interrogated again (the formation was replaced by the State Protection Service). This was requested by the defender of the driver of the seicento, with whom government limousines collided in 2017 in Oświęcim. This is the result of interviews, which, among others for “Czarno na Białym” TVN24 was given by former BOR officer Piotr Piątek. He admitted that during previous interrogations he had not told the truth about the government column’s use of beeps. As he claimed, other officers also lied about this matter, and the vehicles only used light signals.

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According to the defence, this circumstance is important in determining whether the column used by then Prime Minister Beata Szydło was privileged. The prosecutor’s office thinks otherwise. – From the point of view of the public prosecution, I can point out that it has basically not changed anything in the current picture of the course of the event, as well as the findings made by the prosecutor’s office – said prosecutor Rafał Babiński during the trial.

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Sebastian Kościelnik: a nightmare and eternal wandering around the courts

The driver of the seicento in social media emphasized that “seemingly it was an ordinary accident, like many others on Polish roads”, which occurs when “someone tries to overtake many vehicles at the intersection”. He wrote that “evidence was ‘destroyed’, witnesses were tried to be discredited”.

In the fragment about “destroying evidence”, the driver referred to the information provided in 2019 by experts from the Bureau of Forensic Expertise in Lublin that it is impossible to recover recordings from a damaged disc from surveillance cameras.

Six years after the accident, he calls the case a “nightmare”. He emphasizes that the event of February 10, 2017 changed his life “into eternal wandering around the courts and constant stress to this day”.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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