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Cracow. The anti-LGBT resolution is still in force. Voting results at the session of the Lesser Poland regional council

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An extraordinary session of the Małopolska sejmik has ended, the topic of which was the possibility of invalidating the so-called anti-LGBT resolution. Councilors adopted it in 2019, but now it turns out that the document may freeze the funds paid by the European Commission.

During the vote, the councilors decided not to repeal the resolution. 15 people were in favor of the repeal, 23 people were against. No one abstained from voting. – We cannot directly deny what was said in 2019 – said Jan Duda, chairman of the regional council. – At the extraordinary session there was no way to discuss it. We have to meet and write the declaration again, because the one from 2019 was misunderstood – he added.

This is the second such session of the Małopolska regional council. The councilors also met last Tuesday, but then technical problems prevented the discussion. Many councilors who participated in the discussion remotely due to the pandemic did not hear all the statements. The transmission of the proceedings was disrupted several times.

During the Tuesday session, Jan Duda, among others, spoke. – What barbarians want to take from us the resources that are simply necessary for our families to live in well-being. (…) What crime was committed by the assembly of the Lesser Poland voivodeship on April 29, 2019, that now we must be deprived of the funds due to us, because these are funds that are due to us, this is not some alms – said the chairman. And he added: – It is a declaration addressed to Europe, because, as we all know, we have had the tradition of tolerance for six centuries, while tolerance in Western European countries is a novelty that appeared only in the 20th century, and it is still very late.


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An ultimatum from the European Commission

The declaration “on opposition to the introduction of LGBT ideology to local government communities” was adopted by the sejmik, in which the Law and Justice has a majority, in April 2019. However, only now may it affect the finances of the local government.

On July 14, the European Commission sent a letter to Małopolska local government officials with information about the possibility of suspending EU funds, if the so-called the 2019 anti-LGBT declaration will continue to apply. According to the European Commission, the document violates the rights of sexual minorities. Councilors have until September 14 to decide on the future of the declaration.

Held calls

Last week, Deputy Marshal Tomasz Urynowicz (Covenant) said on Twitter that the European Commission suspended talks on the allocation of funds under the REACT-EU package for programs financed by the European Fund to Aid the Most Deprived.

REACT-EU is part of the larger EU NexTGenerationEU program to help the European community recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Under REACT-EU, EUR 47.5 billion is available for distribution.

Deputy Marshal Tomasz Urynowicz in his entry in social media “begged his fellow councilors to remember.” Jacek Krupa from the Civic Coalition club recently appealed to withdraw from the anti-LGBT declaration. The local government official emphasized that the voivodeship marshal had assured many times that European funds for the Małopolskie voivodship were not endangered.

– We have received the answer many times that there is no threat – he emphasized.

The member of the KO club added that it was about a possible loss of money, both those currently received and spent, as well as those foreseen in the next perspective, i.e. approx. EUR 2.5 billion.

What did Małopolska councilors accept?

In the declaration adopted in April 2019, it was written that “the regional council of the Małopolska voivodship expresses strong opposition to the emerging in the public sphere activities aimed at promoting the ideology of LGBT movements, the goals of which violate the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed in acts of international law, question the values ​​protected in the Polish constitution. and also interfere with the social order “. The councilors declared in the document “support for the family based on traditional values ​​and defense of the education system against LGBT propaganda that threatens the proper development of the young generation”.

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