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Cracow. The beaver went out into the street and was saved by the bus driver

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– When he looked at me with those small eyes, I knew I had to help him – says a Krakow bus driver who, together with a passenger, helped the beaver get to the other side of the road. It wasn't easy, because the animal decided to cross as many as six lanes of Wielicka Street.

Mr. Adam was driving a Krakow MPK bus on the night from Wednesday to Thursday when he noticed a beaver trying to get out onto the road. The animal probably came from the Drwinka River, flowing through the nearby Jerzmanowski Park.

“Unfortunately, he reached the track, and the track is separated from the pavement by a barrier he cannot cross, so he turned back,” the driver reported on social media. He also published a video of the beaver rescue operation.

“I knew I had to help him”

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Mr. Adam made a decision: he stopped the bus in the bus lane and went to help. He wasn't alone.

– I asked the passenger to stand on one side and I on the other. It worked; the beaver stopped and looked at us. We were standing less than a meter away from him – when he looked at me with those small eyes, I knew I had to help him safely get to the other side of the six-lane road – recalls the man in an interview with tvn24.pl.

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The first video published by the driver shows a beaver trying unsuccessfully to get through the fence next to the tracks and the author of the video asking a passenger to help him escort “this rascal”. The second video shows an animal trampling on the asphalt. You can hear the man herding him in the right direction. – To the left, hey, hey, hey – he calls.

Ultimately, the beaver was guided to a safe place. “The cars stopped and the beaver calmly reached the other side. He entered the trees and bushes,” describes Mr. Adam. However, the heroic driver and his passengers continued their bus journey.

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