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Cracow. The body of a 27-year-old man was found on Chełmońskiego Street. Indictment for homicide with particular cruelty

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Aleksandra and Adrian S. from Krakow will answer for killing a woman’s partner with particular cruelty. The body of the 27-year-old was found – in September 2022 – by the tracks in the area of ​​Chełmońskiego Street in Krakow. Aleksandra S. was to appear in the crowd of onlookers and say that her partner did not come home at night. This was to attract the attention of the police, who searched her apartment and found traces of blood.

An indictment against the marriage of Adrian S. and Aleksandra S. was sent to the Krakow district court. The District Prosecutor’s Office of Krakow-Prądnik Biały accuses them of homicide with particular cruelty, committed on the night of September 3-4, 2022. The couple did not admit guilt in such a qualification legal. They are facing life imprisonment.

Body by the tracks

September 4 morning near the tracks at ul. Chełmoński in Krakow A passerby spotted the 27-year-old’s body. According to the prosecutor’s office, the body was moved from the street to the nearby bushes. There were multiple injuries on the man’s body, including a number of knife wounds. Investigators determined that the perpetrators of the murder are the concubine of the late 27-year-old – Aleksandra S. and her husband Adrian S., with whom she was in the process of divorcing. The 27-year-old was Aleksandra S.’s cohabitant and lived with her at ul. Chełmoński.

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The body of a 27-year-old man was found in the bushes at Chełmońskiego Street in KrakowKraków112 – Krakow Rescue in Lens

According to investigators, Aleksandra S. and her husband planned to murder the 27-year-old. The woman wanted the cohabitant to disappear from her life. She paid Adrian S. a thousand zlotys for his complicity in the murder.

According to the findings of the prosecutor’s office, the couple used a trick to kill the 27-year-old. The concubine lured him to a secluded place in the area of ​​ul. Chełmoński and there – as reported by the prosecutor’s office – Adrian S. attacked the man, stabbing him with a knife, and when he fell, he kicked and punched him for at least 20 minutes, also inflicting knife blows. “The injuries sustained led to the death of the victim” – reported the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow.

The perpetrators then hid the body in the bushes in the area of ​​the railway tracks.

Suspicious among the onlookers

At the time when the police were inspecting, Aleksandra S. came to the scene. According to unofficial PAP sources, she was supposed to tell other people gathered nearby that the day before, on September 3, her partner did not come home from work at night.

The police took note of the behavior of the woman. Her description of the man and the way he was dressed matched the image of the deceased. So the officers went with Aleksandra S. to her place of residence. Here, according to an unofficial PAP source, the woman also behaved strangely, including tried to run the washing machine with dirty clothes. During the search of the apartment, the police seized: shoes with traces resembling blood, wallet, scissors, cut fragments of the SIM card, groceries that corresponded to the purchases shown on the receipts found at the discovery site, which – as it later turned out – were purchased by the deceased after work on September 3. There were other traces of blood in the apartment as well.

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The suspect said that her husband Adrian S. went by train to Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski on September 4, to his place of residence.

The officers detained him on the same day on a train in Skarżysko-Kamienna. With the man, they found a knife, over PLN 700 – the remainder of the amount he was to receive from his wife for his participation in killing her common-law partner.

In order to create an alibi, the woman sent e.g. to her cohabitant in which she expressed concern for him and asked where he was. This situation lasted almost all night. Then in the morning she cut the SIM card from the victim’s phone and threw them together with his wallet in the trash can in the apartment.

Main photo source: Kraków112 – Krakow Rescue in Lens

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