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Cracow. The body of a missing 60-year-old woman has been found

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The police announced the discovery of the body of a 60-year-old resident of Krakow who went missing on Friday. The woman was returning home by bus, but she did not arrive. She was supposed to tell her husband on the phone that she had broken her leg while getting off at the bus stop and was lying in a snowdrift.

The 60-year-old was returning home on Friday afternoon from Tomex Market Square, where she worked. She was to take the bus towards her apartment on Darwin Street, where her husband and son were waiting for her. This is a section of approximately 4.5 kilometers.

“However, the woman did not reach her destination. Around 5:30 p.m., the missing woman’s husband contacted her by phone, determining that the woman had broken her leg when getting off the bus at the stop, was lying in a snowdrift and was unable to move on her own. The woman did not provide any details. however, the location in which she was located,” we read in the police statement.

The search began on Friday evening. – An alarm was raised at the police station and police officers who were off that day were called to work. We have deployed as much strength and resources as possible to find you. We checked the monitoring, checked possible transport routes, turned on the police drone and guides with a dog – says Piotr Szpiech, spokesman for the Krakow municipal police.

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They found a body in the field

After 2 p.m. on Saturday, a police officer announced that the body of the missing woman was found in a farm field in Kocmyrzów near Krakow. It is not known yet what caused the death of the Krakow woman. – We will investigate the circumstances that led to the woman’s death – says Szpiech.

Bus number 212 runs every three hours between Tomex and Kocmyrzów, and stops at Darwina Street after four stops from the market square. However, it takes 13 stops and 15 minutes to reach Kocmyrzów.

The woman was driving from Tomex to Darwin Street. However, her body was found in KocmyrzówGoogle Maps

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