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Cracow. The case of the collision of actor Jerzy S. again in court. After opposition from the prosecutor’s office

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On Wednesday, the trial began before the District Court for Kraków-Krowodrza in the case of a collision involving actor Jerzy S. and a motorcyclist that took place in Kraków in October last year. The actor had previously been found guilty of “causing a traffic safety hazard while under the influence of alcohol” and sentenced to a fine, but the prosecution appealed against the verdict.

On this matter earlier in closed session an injunction was issuedin which the court found actor Jerzy S. guilty of causing a threat to road safety while under the influence of alcohol, and fined him PLN 3,000.

From the verdict the prosecution objectedraising the allegation of gross incommensurability of the fine imposed on the accused and demanding that the case be examined on general principles.

The motorcyclist testifies in court

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During the first hearing in the collision case, inter alia, Mr. motorcyclist. The man said that the driver of his car hit him in the left hand, which he kept on the steering wheel, pushing him out of the lane. According to him, the injuries he suffered on the day of the collision continue to this day. He said he had nerve damage and his fingers were numb. He also said that at the time of the collision he heard a loud bang and the driver saw him and drove away.

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The court wants to question an expert

The expert’s opinion, which showed that the man’s injuries lasted less than seven days, was also questioned by attorney Antoni Zduńczyk, the motorcyclist’s attorney. At the next hearing, the court decided to hear the expert who issued an opinion in this case.

– This is essential for the case, because if it turns out that the questioning is justified and the injuries last for more than seven days, then it is not a collision, but an accident – explained Judge Sławomir Szyrmer.

After leaving the courtroom, the motorcyclist’s lawyer emphasized that due to the expert’s opinion, his client had been eliminated from the previous proceedings, which concerned Jerzy S. driving a car while intoxicated.

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Motorcyclist’s attorney on the case

– Therefore, we are somehow using this proceeding, which is a different, less important proceeding than the previous one, to correct these mistakes, especially those of the prosecutor’s office, but also the court that the injuries, which, in his opinion, lasted until today, did not last more than seven days, the attorney said. And he added: – And then this house of cards collapses, because you can charge the professor with causing an accident, driving under the influence of alcohol, but also with leaving the scene of the accident, because if it wasn’t there, you can’t make such an accusation in this situation. I think we will strive for that.

The next hearing is scheduled for December 11, 2023.

George S.’s accident

According to investigators Jerzy S. On October 17, 2022, while turning the car, he did not give way to the motorcycle driver, leading to a road collision and causing a threat to road safety. As it turned out, the actor had about 0.7 per mille of alcohol in his body.

Explaining the case, the actor indicated, among other things, that on October 17, 2022, he drank three or four glasses of wine with dinner. He had forgotten about an interview with a journalist scheduled for that day. Feeling good and convinced that there was no alcohol in his body, he left by side roads – due to the renovation of ul. Queen Jadwiga – for a meeting with a journalist. The actor explained that he first drove away from the scene because he did not feel that he had caused a collision and injured the motorcyclist, who, as he recalled, was screaming and did not appear to be injured. As he emphasized, he had the impression that a screaming stranger might attack him.

Jerzy S. noted that he regretted that incident and had never driven under the influence of alcohol before. He also noticed that he had a discharged hearing aid in his right ear, which additionally made him unable to see what exactly was going on at the beginning after the October 17 incident. Also after the collision actor issued a public statement apologizing.

Convicted of driving while intoxicated

In a separate proceeding for driving while intoxicated, the actor received a penalty driving ban for three years, a fine of 12,000 PLN and 6 thousand. PLN for the Victims’ Assistance and Post-penitentiary Assistance Fund. The final judgment in this case was passed at the end of June before the District Court in Kraków.

Main photo source: Lukasz Gagulski/PAP

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