Cracow. The Central Bureau of Investigation detained more people suspected of participating in a loan shark gang


They found advertisements in the press or online offering high cash loans secured by real estate, with a short repayment period and huge additional fees, which they learned about later. In the investigation initiated in 2020, there are already 32 suspects who have been charged with a total of over 100 charges.

The group operated in the years 2008-2015. So far, over 30 people have been detained in this case. The suspects were charged with a total of over 100 charges. The investigation is supervised by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Kielce. On her order, police officers from the Kielce Management Board of the Central Police Investigation Bureau and officers of the Świętokrzyskie Customs and Tax Office detained eight more people in this case.

The Central Bureau of Investigation detained eight peopleCBŚP

Secured loans

Spokeswoman CBŚP assistant inspector Iwona Jurkiewicz announced that the next detainees were suspected of collaborating with the group. which. the core was broken two years ago, when thirteen people were detained. According to the findings of the investigation, the group extorted real estate in exchange for high-interest loans that did not reflect the actual value of the properties.

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– Police findings showed that people in very difficult life situations fell into the hands of an organized criminal group. Victims found advertisements in the press or on the Internet offering high cash loans secured by real estate with a short repayment period. The loan amounts ranged from several to several hundred thousand zlotys, and the repayment period ranged from several months to a year. The value of the real estate securing the repayment of the loan exceeded the value of the unpaid loan at least several times, noted the deputy inspector. Jurkiewicz.

According to investigators – as the policewoman added – it also happened that the amount of the loan actually paid was lower than that indicated in the notarial deed. – Most often, after signing the contract, it turned out that the injured parties were obliged to cover loan commissions that were hidden from them, amounting to even several dozen thousand. zloty. The agreements were constructed in such a way that in the event of failure to repay the loan, the lender could bring a case to court to take over the real estate that served as security for repayment. Of course, such a clause was included in the loan agreement – emphasized the CBŚP spokeswoman.

Over 100 charges were brought in the caseCBŚP

Charges for those detained

After breaking up the core of the group, CBŚP officers and CASH they continued their activities to identify everyone cooperating with the gang. – As a result, they carried out another operation during which they detained eight people. The activities were carried out in the following voivodeships: Pomeranian, Greater Poland, Warmian-Masurian, Masovian and Łódź. Then, IT data carriers, computers and documentation were secured and are being carefully analyzed. Property belonging to the suspects was also seized, in the form of money and two luxury cars worth over PLN 1 million, said the deputy inspector. Jurkiewicz.

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– After being brought to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Kielce, the prosecutor charged eight detainees with laundering money derived from crimes, fraud and certifying untruths in documents, and then applied libertarian preventive measures to them, i.e. police supervision, property bail, bans on leaving the country – said the spokesman of the office. prosecutor’s office Daniel Prokopowicz.

As Prokopowicz emphasized, there are already 32 suspects in this investigation, initiated in 2020, who have been charged with a total of over 100 charges.

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