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Cracow. The Cypriots set off an alarm at the Balice airport. They wanted to bypass passport control

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Through the “back door” they tried to bypass border control by raising an alarm at the airport. Two Cypriot citizens were detained by border guards after they opened the door securing the Non-Schengen zone with the evacuation button.

On Saturday afternoon (April 22), an alarm was activated at Kraków-Balice Airport, indicating that the door securing the Non Schengen zone had been opened in the departure direction.

Border guards went to the place, secured the door against access by other people and started looking for those who forced the security.

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Border guards: Cypriot citizens wanted to leave without being checked

The uniforms found two people – citizens Cyprus – responsible for emergency door opening.

– A woman and a man aged 52 were traveling together to Larnaca, Cyprus. As it turned out, the foreigner tried to bypass the control by using the emergency evacuation button and opened the door, Justyna Drożdż from the Carpathian Border Guard Unit informed in a message.

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The 52-year-old was fined PLN 500. In turn, his companion was instructed by border guards.

– Thanks to the actions taken, people were not allowed to leave Poland without border control. Immediately after the incident, employees of the International Airport in Kraków-Balice closed and secured the door, added Drożdż.

Carpathian Border Guard Unit

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