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Cracow. The end of the occupation strike of the “Kamionka” dormitory. What is the future of the student residence hall?

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End of the sit-in strike in the closed “Kamionka” dormitory of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The university authorities have reached an agreement with the protesters, who demand that they refrain from selling the facility and make it available to students again. The Jagiellonian University declared an estimate for the renovation and determination of the number of people interested in accommodation in “Kamionka”. The decision about the future of the dormitory will depend on this.

Authorities of the Jagiellonian University and representatives leading a sit-in strike in the building of a closed dormitory of the “Kamionka” university in Krakow signed a common position under which the strike will be ended. – We have it! “Kamionka” is staying, students wrote on social media. As the protesters assured, they will leave the building by Wednesday at 2 p.m.

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The position sent to the media on Tuesday by the Jagiellonian University press office included a number of demands that were agreed and signed during a meeting of the authorities of the Jagiellonian University and Jagiellonian University students from the Young Circle associated with the National Trade Union “Inicjatywa Pracownicza”.

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The end of the occupation of the “Kamionka” dormitory. What's next?

In this document, the university authorities once again confirmed that even before the occupation began, they had decided to suspend the procedure for selling the buildings of the former dormitory at ul. Kamionka 11 and 11a. They also declared that they would commission an independent estimate for the renovation of the dormitory and determine the number of eligible people interested in living in the facility.

Student sit-in strike in the “Kamionka” dormitory in KrakowTVN24

If the will of students to live in the “Kamionka” building is confirmed – it was stated in the document – the outgoing rector and rector-elect will jointly present to the university senate a draft resolution to revoke the consent to the sale of the closed dormitory.

The university authorities also assured that they do not plan to sell the “Bursa Jagiellońska” student dormitory, and that they are in the process of building a new dormitory on the 3rd Campus of the Jagiellonian University.

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Student sit-in strike in the “Kamionka” dormitory in KrakowTVN24

“We'll say goodbye and leave this building”

“Taking into account the well-being of their students, the Jagiellonian University authorities declare that they will not report any crimes committed against them, nor will they take any action on their own initiative to bring disciplinary liability to the Jagiellonian University students who participated in the 'Kamionka' occupation.” – assured in the signed document.

According to its provisions, signing this position is tantamount to ending the occupation of the “Kamionka” area by all protesting people and leaving the building by Wednesday at 14.

Amelia Antonowicz, the representative of the protesters, assured that the agreement was binding on the protesters. – The agreement was signed today by us and the authorities. Tomorrow the strike will end (…). We will say goodbye, leave this building, clean it up after ourselves and wait for the university to continue its operations, and of course we will continue to monitor the situation of “Kamionka” – she announced.

On May 17, a group of students started an occupation strike at the closed “Kamionka” Student Dormitory belonging to the Jagiellonian University, demanding that the university authorities withdraw from the decision to sell the dormitory, renovate the building and allow them to live there from the next academic year. They pointed to the high prices of apartments in Krakow and the high demand for places in student dormitories.

Occupation of Collegium Broscianum

A group of a dozen or so students also started a sit-in strike on Friday in another facility of the Jagiellonian University – Collegium Broscianum at Grodzka Street. People protesting here are demanding that the university's rector, Professor Jacek Popiel, publicly “condemn the Israeli genocide in Palestine.” They also appealed to the university authorities to “break the ties of complicity with the genocidal regime of Israel.”

On Monday, the university authorities met with the striking people. – The Jagiellonian University authorities and the striking students agreed on the method of protest. We have further talks ahead of us to calm down the matter and end the strike. There are porters on site monitoring the situation 24 hours a day. Our priority is that our students are safe and that no one gets hurt – said Adam Koprowski, spokesman for the Jagiellonian University, in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

Before the occupation began, on May 15, students sent an open letter to the rector condemning the actions Israel in the Gaza Strip. Two days later, the Jagiellonian University presented the position of the Rector's College, which included, among others: “categorical and unequivocal opposition to all events whose direct victims are the civilian population, in particular children, refugees, sick and elderly people.” However, people on strike at the Collegium Broscianum believe that this answer is “evasive and procrastinatory.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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