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Cracow. The Foundation lost a bus after a collision on the A4 motorway. Collection for a new car

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The Ommio.volunteers Foundation from Krakow is raising money to buy a new vehicle after their bus – called “Pszczółka” – was crushed by a truck. The accident happened on the A4 motorway when the activists were on their way to collect humanitarian aid for Ukraine. – If we were traveling with a load, it would simply crush us – admits the vice-president of the foundation Barbara Kamińska-Gryziecka in an interview with tvn24.pl.

A dangerous collision on the Podkarpackie section of the A4 motorway took place on Thursday (April 6) near Białobrzegi, between Łańcut and Przeworsk. It all started with a Hyundai passenger car that skidded and crashed into energy-intensive barriers on the left side of the road.

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As reported by the activists of the Ommnio.volunteers foundation, the driver of the Fiat, which was driving in the right lane of the highway, saw the incident and stopped. Behind the car was a yellow bus of the foundation, affectionately known as “Pszczółka”. The activists braked, but the truck behind them failed to stop. The truck hit the bus with impetus, pushing it first onto the Fiat and then onto the roadside barriers. The “bee” was partially crushed.

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Collision on the A4 motorway in PodkarpacieOmmio.volunteers

Collision on the A4 motorway in PodkarpacieOmmio.volunteers

They were going with their daughter. “It’s the greatest luck that she stayed”

The vice-president of the foundation and her husband traveled by bus. – We were going to Przemyśl, where we were supposed to receive humanitarian aid from the organization USA. The gifts were then to go to Ukraine. Fortunately, we were driving “empty”, because if we were driving with a load, it would simply crush us – Barbara Kamińska-Gryziecka emphasized in an interview with tvn24.pl.

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– That day we were supposed to take our daughter with us, who turns four this month. In all this, the greatest happiness is that she stayed with her grandmother, admits the vice president.

After the incident, three people were taken to the hospital in Przeworsk – a married couple of volunteers and the driver of the Fiat. All suffered minor injuries, mainly bruises, and were discharged.

Collision on the A4 motorway in PodkarpacieOmmio.volunteers

Ommio.volunteers organization from the beginning war in Ukraine organizes humanitarian transports to this country. They mainly carry food and hygiene products. At first, they operated closest to the Polish border, then they extended the distance. They were already in Donbass, in Izium or in Kharkov. It was possible to cover such distances thanks to “Pszczółka” – a bus, which after a collision is probably only suitable for a scrapyard.

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They are collecting money to buy a new bus

– We will receive insurance money, but due to the fact that the truck was from abroad, it may take a long time. Meanwhile, we have 66 pallets of gifts that we need to deliver. This is at least 40 tons of products waiting to be sent to Ukraine. In addition, we want to pick up gifts in Przemyśl, for which we were going on Thursday – explained the vice-president of the foundation.

The activist points out that recently volunteers have reached, among others, Iziuma in eastern Ukraine. – The drama that is happening there is evidenced by the hotel where they were supposed to stay. The object was indicated by the navigation. Upon arrival, it turned out to be completely destroyed, bombed. The volunteers were taken in for the night by the employees of the hospital, which was also partially destroyed. We later repaid the doctors with two parcels with gifts – emphasizes Barbara Kamińska-Gryziecka.

Bombed hotel in IziumOmmio.volunteers

– However, it’s not like we go to Ukraine every week, we can’t afford such an expense. However, we often handed over parcels with the help of other organizations that go that way. The car was also helpful in this, because somehow we have to pick up and deliver the gifts to the places from which they are to be transported – emphasizes Kamińska-Gryziecka in an interview with us.

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Now the foundation is collecting money on the Internet to buy another vehicle that could transport gifts for Ukraine. The goal is PLN 35,000.

Main photo source: Ommio.volunteers

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