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Cracow. The opening of Zakrzówek is only in the summer of 2023. The investment is a slip

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The swimming pools in Zakrzówek, contrary to earlier announcements, will be closed until the next holiday season. As informed by the City Greenery Authority in Krakow, the site is still a construction site and the contractor has to make some corrections. As there are acts of vandalism in the park being created, and the residents are resting in a closed and dangerous area, the Zakrzówek area has recently been guarded by security guards.

The construction of the Zakrzówek park, created in the area of ​​the lagoon after the former quarry, is going too slowly to use the pools during this vacation. As announced on Thursday by the Board of Green City in Krakow, part of the park will be opened in autumn, but the bathing area will remain closed until the next season.

Still at the end of June the office arguedthat the pools will open this summer.

“Access to this area is impossible for security reasons until the individual stages of the investment are opened,” said the officials.

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A centimeter too deep

The Zakrzówek park under construction will not be opened this summer, as the contractor has to complete some elements of the investment and make corrections in the swimming pool intended for children.

– It is related to the extended deadline for the implementation of the power connection, as well as the implementation of the entrance building with toilets. The works on the bathing beach itself also require corrections, said Piotr Kempf, director of the Management Board of Green City in Krakow.

What are these fixes? During the inspection of the investment, it turned out that the shallowest of the swimming pools, intended for children, is one centimeter too deep. “The regulations are unambiguous: the swimming pool for children can be a maximum of 40 cm deep” – convinces ZZM. The contractor now has to correct a fragment that is too deep, and this will cause a slippage in the investment, which will not be put into use until next year.

Crowds in the closed Zakrzówek. Beach-goers rest at the construction siteTVN24

The park is open in August

While the pools will remain closed, the surrounding park is to be open in August. In autumn, residents will be able to use the walking paths around the lagoon, with benches and litter bins, among others.

Despite the fact that the construction site is forbidden to enter and barriers have been placed around the lagoon, Zakrzówek is a popular resting place for residents who exceed the security facilities on warm days. Accidents have taken place more than once, and there have also been acts of vandalism.

– Even where the fence was tight, the residents would come with the equipment, cut the nets, removed the bars and entered. There were so many such situations that even the police were unable to cope with the crowds of people. The benches and rubbish bins were destroyed. That is why the contractor decided to hire security guards who monitor the Zakrzówek area around the clock – Aleksandra Mikolaszek from the City Greenery Board told tvn24.pl.

Accidents in Zakrzówek

The area of ​​the former quarry consists largely of high rocks and steep rocky slopes, therefore often there are accidents there.

The last fatal accident in Zakrzówek took place on June 14. The 22-year-old died then, who most likely tripped and fell from a height of about 7-10 meters. Other tragic events took place, among others, in May, when a 20-year-old girl lost her life in Zakrzówek, when she fell from a cliff. In April, a 36-year-old, diving with a group of friends, died.

According to officials, it will be safer only after the park is open. – First, it will not be a construction site. The swimming pool will be guarded, lifeguards will appear there. All this area will be subject to regulations. Above all, however, the residents must take it to heart to comply with the regulations, otherwise it will not be safe – Aleksandra Mikolaszek told us.

Main photo source: TVN24

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