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Cracow. The presidential candidate withdrew from the fight for the presidency

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The vice-president of Krakow, Jerzy Muzyk, resigned from fighting for the presidential seat in the upcoming local government elections. He gave his support to Vice President Andrzej Kulig. He also addressed the other candidates.

Jerzy Muzyk announced the withdrawal of his candidacy on Wednesday during a press briefing. Together with Kulig, they emphasized that they wanted the government in Krakow to be non-partisan.

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– I support President Andrzej Kulig and at the same time I withdraw my consent to run for the office of mayor of Krakow. And I encourage the other gentlemen to consider a decision that will give us a chance that in Krakow we will continue to have a discussion about Krakow, about Krakow matters only in Krakow – without the influence of political parties, which are not important to most residents. they matter. Krakow has different, higher standards and we should respect that, said Jerzy Muzyk, the second deputy mayor of Krakow for sustainable development since 2018.

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Jerzy Muzyk resigns

At the last minute, the musician decided to register his candidacy with the National Electoral Commission. As he explained, he made such a decision because polls showed that – as he said – 20 percent of Krakow's inhabitants did not know who they would vote for. He also hoped that as a candidate he would be able to build a broad local government coalition that would “oppose the trends that lead to either a very populist or political presidency”; he failed to build such a coalition.

Jerzy MuzykPAP/Art Service

According to Muzyka, there is an atmosphere of expectation in the city that it will be free from “politics in the bad sense of the word.” – Party ID cards should not determine whether someone has a better chance in the presidential elections, only qualifications – added Muzyk.

Addressing an appeal to the other candidates to do as he did, i.e. to resign and support Andrzej Kulig, he especially appealed to the rector of the University of Economics Stanisław Mazur, who declared non-partisanship, and to MP Rafał Komarewicz (Polska 2050-TD), who – as he emphasized Musician – has local government experience.

Jerzy Muzyk was to run from KWW Samorządny Kraków. Since the ballots have already been printed, his name will appear on them. However, a vote for Music will be invalid.

– There will be no deletions because it is impossible. However, it will be necessary to post information about the withdrawal of this candidacy in polling stations. The commission members will also inform voters about it verbally, said Piotr Bukowski, director of the Organization and Supervision Department of the Krakow City Hall.

Support for Andrzej Kulig

Andrzej Kulig, first deputy mayor of Krakow for social and municipal policy, is running with KWW Andrzej Kulig Kraków “Ku Przyszłości”. Kuliga is supported by the current mayor of the city, Jacek Majchrowski. He was also supported by the Polish People's Party. In a conversation with journalists, Kulig emphasized that this support does not mean that he belongs to PSL.

– Dear Jurek, because we have known each other since we were 15 (…), I agree that Krakow cannot be condemned to the competition of two large parties, because each of them represents only a part of Krakow. However, it is important that Krakow is managed on a non-partisan basis, Kulig said at a press briefing, addressing to Music.

He emphasized that, just like Jerzy Muzyk, he talked and continues to talk to all residents, without asking them about their party ID cards, because thanks to a substantive conversation the city's problems can be solved.

Kulig also appealed to other candidates to support “a non-party and non-populist candidacy.”

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On Sunday (April 7), eight candidates will compete in the elections for the mayor of Krakow: Konrad Berkowicz (KWW Konfederacja i Bezpartyjni Samorządowcy), Łukasz Gibała (KWW Łukasz Gibała – Kraków Dla Residents), Adam Hareńczyk (KWW Zjednoczenia dla Krakowie), Łukasz Kmita ( KW PiS), Rafał Komarewicz (KWW Rafał Komarewicz Kraków Trzecia Droga), Andrzej Kulig (KWW Andrzej Kulig Kraków “Ku Przyszłości”), Stanisław Mazur (KWW Stanisław Mazur), Aleksander Miszalski (KKW Koalicja Obywatelska).

Main photo source: Łukasz Tyczkowski/AdobeStock – photo. illustrative

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