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Cracow. The prosecutor’s office appealed against the verdict for actor Jerzy S. He wants the punishment to be tightened

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The court received an appeal against the March sentence for Jerzy S., who hit a motorcyclist while intoxicated. The Krakow prosecutor’s office demands a higher penalty for the actor.

In March, the court imposed a three-year driving ban on Jerzy S., a fine of PLN 12,000 and a fine of PLN 12,000. PLN and 6 thousand. PLN for the Victims’ Assistance and Post-penitentiary Assistance Fund.

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Prosecutor’s appeal

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Joanna Specjał from the press office of the District Court in Krakow confirmed in an interview with tvn24.pl that an appeal had been received.

– The prosecutor’s office demands that the accused be punished with a fine of PLN 45,000 and a benefit of PLN 25,000 for the Victims’ Assistance Fund and Post-penitentiary Assistance. The prosecutor’s office did not raise any objections to the ban on driving for three years, said Specjał.

This is the punishment that the accuser demanded from the beginning.

Defender Jakub Dzwoniarski wanted a lower financial penalty – the amount of PLN 12,000. PLN and 5 thousand PLN for the Victim Assistance Fund and Post-penitentiary Assistance.

Both the prosecutor and the defense asked for a three-year driving ban. As judge Tomasz Rutkowski justified the judgment, the court determined the amount of the penalty on the basis of the average degree of harmfulness of the social act and on the basis of the defendant’s financial status, the amount of the actor’s monthly income (PLN 6,000), and also taking into account the defendant’s advanced age.

Driving while intoxicated

Jerzy S., in mid-October hit al. Mickiewicz in Krakow, a 44-year-old motorcyclist. While driving a car, he hit the elbow of a man driving a two-wheeler, who, fortunately, was not hurt. After the collision, he drove on and was stopped by a motorcyclist in a different place. He continued driving because – as he later explained to the police – he did not notice the collision.

When he was arrested, the test showed that he had 0.7 per mille of alcohol in his system.

Main photo source: Lukasz Gagulski/PAP

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