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Cracow. The “Skin” case. Robert J. was convicted of the brutal murder of a student. There are two appeals against the verdict

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The defense attorney and the prosecutor’s office appealed to the District Court in Kraków against the verdict in the student’s murder case. The court – in September 2022 – years after finding fragments of human skin in the Vistula River, found Robert J. guilty of the murder of a young woman and sentenced him to life imprisonment. The man’s defense lawyer wants him acquitted.

Robert J. was accused of the brutal murder of a young woman whose skin and body fragments were fished out of the Vistula River in the late 1990s. In September last year, the court – after considering the case on 85 hearing dates – found that J. brutally killed a young woman and desecrated her bodyand then threw her remains into the river.

The justification for the judgment was secret. The preparation of the written justification, consisting of over 800 pages, was completed in September 2023.

Robert J. was arrested in October 2017tvn24

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Two appeals

As the District Court in Kraków informed PAP, the defense lawyer and the prosecutor’s office have already filed an appeal in this case. Attorney Łukasz Chojniak announced that he would demand the acquittal of his client. The defense attorney points to the lack of convincing evidence of Robert J.’s guilt. In his opinion, the justification for the verdict does not contain “any direct evidence.” – The appeal is filed because the court was unable to point to any rational evidence that led it to the conclusion that my client was the perpetrator of the act attributed to him – said the lawyer. He added: – However, the evidence that the court takes into account is incorrectly conducted and poorly assessed.

As he stated, “the defense had no right to comment or ask questions about some of this evidence.” He also expressed regret that the hearing was conducted in public and he “cannot refer to the facts.” According to the lawyer, “the justification could not contain convincing arguments, since we are dealing with an illegal conviction of an innocent person.” According to information from the District Court, the National Prosecutor’s Office also filed an appeal. By the time of publication, PAP had not received a response from the PK, as requested by the prosecutor.

The murder of Katarzyna Z. remained one of the greatest mysteries of Polish forensics07/10| While working at the zoology institute, he murdered all experimental rabbits. The woman he once dated is still so afraid of him that she avoids cooperating with the police out of fear. On Thursday, Robert J. was charged with murder with particular cruelty. “Superwizjer” reporters managed to establish facts unknown to investigators that shed new light on the man.TVN24 supervisor

Murder of a Krakow student

The so-called “Skin” case has been called one of the greatest mysteries of Polish forensics. The trial of the alleged perpetrator of the crime, who did not plead guilty to the charges against him during the first court hearing, began in early 2020.

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The indictment in this case had four volumes; it had approximately 800 pages, and its files amounted to almost 500 volumes. The beginning of this process was the finale of a multi-threaded investigation conducted, among others, by police officers from the so-called X-Files. Many Polish and foreign experts were involved in the search for the killer. According to the findings, J. committed the crime due to sexual preference disorders with sadistic and fetishistic features. The man allegedly used violence, deprived the victim of her freedom, and administered certain chemicals, including antipsychotic and anti-anxiety drugs. According to the indictment, he imprisoned a young woman and abused her physically and mentally; he kicked her, beat her with a hard tool and used a knife, causing her numerous fractures, as well as stab wounds and lacerations. He dismembered the body and threw it into the river. The identity of the victim was established thanks to genetic tests. Robert J. was detained in 2017 in Krakow’s Kazimierz district. The man pleaded not guilty. According to PK, the man provided extensive explanations, but refused to answer some questions.

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