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Cracow. The student wrongly received a fine, a penalty for the inspection company

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Ticket inspectors in Krakow “did not recognize” the school ID card shown to them by a teenage tram passenger and fined him. Twice. When the Public Transport Authority in Krakow found out about the case, two financial penalties were imposed on the company controlling the tickets – one for each fine.

The boy’s parents paid the fines, but filed a complaint against the actions of the controllers. She has been recognized.

– As soon as we received information about this, we ordered the Rewizor company to return the money to the passenger’s parents. We also imposed two financial penalties on the company – two, because two fees were imposed on the student. Such a situation should not have happened – said Sebastian Kowal from the Public Transport Authority in Krakow on Monday.

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Two tickets in one day

Krakow students, in accordance with the decision of the Krakow City Council, travel by public transport for free from September 1 to June 30. Despite this, a 13-year-old student received two fines from the same inspectors in one day.

Due to the activities carried out by the controllers, the teenager did not go out at the bus stop next to his house, but several stops away. He then took a tram on the same line to go home. The controllers also boarded this tram and fined the teenager again.

The case was first reported on Monday by Radio Kraków.

Main photo source: Longfin Media/Shutterstock

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