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Cracow. The voivode invalidated part of the resolution on the paid parking zone. There are discounts for residents

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Lesser Poland Voivode Łukasz Kmita invalidated part of the resolution of Krakow councilors on price increases in the paid parking zone. It is about a provision according to which a lower amount could be paid only by those residents of the city who pay for the parking via the application on their smartphone. According to the voivode, this is a “violation of the constitutional principle of equality before the law”.

February 22 Krakow The councilors approved a change in the price list of the city’s paid parking zone. The resolution differentiates the rates for residents – who are to pay a lower amount – and visitors who will have to reach deeper into their pockets. However, the document included, among other things, a provision that the price reduction would depend on the form of payment. If the holder of the Krakow Card paid at the parking meter and not using the mobile application, the discount would not apply.

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As the voivode’s office announced on Thursday, the latter provision was invalidated by the voivode of Lesser Poland, Łukasz Kmita.

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The office of the voivode: this is a violation of the constitutional principle of equality before the law

As Rafał Czeladzki, director of the Legal and Supervision Department of the Małopolska Voivodeship Office, explained in the communication, the provision contained in the resolution causes “unequal treatment of holders of the Krakow Card status” and “and leads to the deterioration of the situation of persons making payments in a different form acceptable by the resolution”.

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“It is (ed.) a violation of the constitutional principle of equality before the law and the principle of social justice, which is why it was necessary to annul the resolution in this part” – we read in the statement.

Will the discounts stay? Krakow officials have not yet commented

The director emphasized that the supervisory assessment of the voivode is made only on the basis of the criterion of legality, and applying the principle of proportionality of supervision measures, the resolution was partially invalid.

“The other regulations of the resolution adopted by the City Council, including the setting of lower rates for holders of the Krakow Card status for parking – remain in force” – indicated Czeladzki.

“At the same time, it should be strongly emphasized that the intention of the supervisory authority is not to make it difficult for the residents of the City of Krakow to pay fees in a modern way. The supervisory decision is not aimed at the interests of residents, but is only an expression of care for the principle of equality before the law. The supervisory authority hopes that, in response to the above-mentioned decision, the City Council of Krakow will soon bring the rules of paying parking fees into line with the law, the representative of the voivode noted in the statement.

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Director of the Public Transport Authority in Krakow, Łukasz Franek, said that the supervisory decision of the voivode is currently being analyzed.

Paid parking zone in Krakow. Changing the price list

The current price list of the paid parking zone in Krakow is simple: in subzone A, all drivers pay six zlotys per hour, in subzone B – five zlotys, and in subzone C – four zlotys.

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From May 15, people from outside Krakow will pay nine zlotys for the first hour of parking in subzone A, PLN 10 for the second hour, as much as PLN 11 for the third hour, and again nine zlotys for each subsequent hour. This means that for a whole day (10 hours) of parking, for example near the Main Market Square, you will have to spend as much as PLN 93 – and not, as before, PLN 60.

In subzone B, the fee will be eight zlotys for the first hour, nine zlotys for the second hour and PLN 10 for the third hour, and in subzone C: seven, eight and nine zlotys, respectively. Subsequent hours will cost the same as the first.

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Residents with a Krakow Card will pay less for parking in the zone. In subzone A – six zlotys for the first hour, seven zlotys for the second and eight zlotys for the third. In zone B, five, six and seven zlotys, respectively, and in subzone C, the fee will be fixed – four zlotys.

The subzone itself has also been extended, because in addition to the Old Town – as before – it will also include the closest part of Zwierzyniec and the old part of Podgórze.

Changes in the Paid Parking Zone in Krakow will come into force on May 15krakow.pl

Current map of the Paid Parking Zone in Krakowkrakow.pl

Main photo source: krakow.pl

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