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Cracow. There are no available beds at the University Children’s Hospital. They look for places for children all over the voivodeship

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The University Children’s Hospital in Krakow lacks places for young patients. Every day there are about a hundred sick children who – due to the lack of free beds – go to other institutions throughout the voivodeship.

The children returned to schools and kindergartens, and autumn replaced summer. This can be seen not only outside, but also in clinics and hospitals. Because cooling down favors viral infections.

– It is a natural course of events, but this year the season started earlier and more intensively – says Dr. Katarzyna Hrnciar, deputy head of the Emergency Department of the University Children’s Hospital in Krakow.

Effect? There are no more places in their hospital. On Wednesday morning, six children are waiting for places – which will become vacant – in the Hospital Emergency Department. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


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They are looking for places all over the province

According to Hrnciar, symptoms of respiratory system infections dominate among young patients: pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiolitis in these younger children, but there are also patients with vomiting, diarrhea or febrile convulsions.

There are also children with COVID-19 disease. This, the doctor says, is a few cases a month. – These are mainly viruses that were there before, in previous years. They still dominate – emphasizes Dr. Hrnciar.

When there is no place in the hospital for small patients, the search begins in other facilities. First in Krakow, then in the entire voivodeship.

– We are in constant contact with the coordinator of the emergency medical services, who informs us about vacancies in other hospitals throughout the voivodeship. They are single places. Every morning we learn about a few vacancies in our voivodeship – explains the deputy head of the SOR.

Doctors: with colds it is better to go to the clinic

The hospital calls for children not to go to the hospital with common colds. – When it is just a cough, runny nose or fever, we suggest using a primary care physician in 24/7 care – says Dr. Hrnciar.

As medics say, the point is not only that such small patients extend the queue, but are also exposed to additional stress, because emergency medical services are always first provided to people who require urgent intervention and diagnostics. As a result, you can wait up to several hours in the queue with children. – We definitely have to report to the HED when the children are suffocating. If the number of breaths is rapid, the baby becomes weak, lying down. has problems with shortness of breath, has problems with eating, starts to pee less. Such symptoms suggest that you need to go to the hospital urgently – concludes the deputy head of the HED of the University Children’s Hospital in Krakow.

Main photo source: TVN 24

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