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Cracow. They demolished the archive building which was damaged in a fire

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The archives of the Krakow City Hall were burnt in a huge fire. The fire was extinguished for over 100 hours. Now the demolition of the destroyed halls has ended.

The city secretary, Antoni Fryczek, who supervised the work, informed that after the fire, about 900 running meters of files were secured. The building was demolished.

Halls 1 and 2 were dismantled in accordance with the recommendations of the County Building Supervision Inspector and the expertise of specialists from the Cracow University of Technology, and the area was cleaned. The works were carried out under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office, which documented their progress.

Most of the files were burned

– We managed to secure about 900 meters of current files for further rescue – said Antoni Fryczek. He added that most of the salvaged documents come from the “+1” level of hall number one and they are the documentation of the Faculty of Architecture. – I want to thank the employees who translated these documents page by page – he added.

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The files retrieved from the halls constitute about 5-7 percent of the original resource. As the secretary of the city said, a large part of it was incinerated, some documents were burned or survived only in scraps. Due to the amount, it is not possible to transfer them to a single entity that will deal with freeze-drying and disinfection using the fugimation method.

About 800 meters of the excavated files are kept in cold stores. Almost 30 meters of them were given to the Nicolaus Copernicus University in ToruĊ„, and some to a private company, to compare the quality of the actions taken and finally choose an entity that will deal with saving the archival resource.


A fire in the archive

The fire did not destroy hall 3, which was not used yet, but it was flooded with water, it is necessary to remove the racks and check all installations. – I do not think that it will be possible to activate it before winter – said Fryczek.

The documentation of the City Hall will now be stored in the former rooms of the archives at ul. Good Shepherd.

A fire in the archive broke out on February 6 in the evening. The fire destroyed two halls where the city kept nearly 20 km of current files. The archive contained documents that were created in the city hall and its subordinate units over the last dozen or so years. Ok. 5,200 running meters of files belonged to the “A” category, ie perpetual storage, the remaining ones to the “B” category, ie documents that, according to the regulations, are destroyed after some time, of which 10 percent. it should be destroyed only after 50 years.

Main photo source: TVN24

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