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Cracow. They give a second life to Christmas trees in pots. How to take care of the tree so that it continues to grow after Christmas?

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What to do with a live Christmas tree after Christmas? It can be planted, which is facilitated by the creators of the “We save Christmas trees” project. Residents of Krakow can report their willingness to plant a live Christmas tree on their plot or hand it over for planting, saving it from being thrown into the trash. – Our platform connects recipients of Christmas trees with recipients – says co-organizer of the campaign Maciej Myśliwiec for tvn24.pl.

For two years, Maciej Myśliwiec’s plot near Krakow has been growing nearly 20 Christmas trees, which were donated by residents after Christmas. He informed about his action “restoring the stand” in social media, for the third year in a row, asking for the transfer of trees. The response was so great that he decided to expand his initiative, encouraging Cracovians to save Christmas trees from the trash.

Nearly 20 saved Christmas trees are already growing on Mr. Maciej’s plotMaciej Mysliwiec

Nearly 20 saved Christmas trees are already growing on Mr. Maciej’s plotMaciej Mysliwiec

They will pick up, deliver and help plant

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Maciej Myśliwiec together with his colleague Maciej Chmielowski have created an internet platform that connects “Christmas givers” with “Christmas tree recipients”. In action called “We save Christmas trees” it is about transferring live Christmas trees from the homes of Cracovians to private plots or to areas belonging to companies or cooperatives. – There are communities that would like to plant Christmas trees in their area, because they have space, free land. People from such a community can be happy that their Christmas trees will grow in their neighborhood. We want to make it easier for them – points out Myśliwiec in an interview with tvn24.pl.

To return your tree for planting, simply provide your name, location and contact information, as well as a date when the tree will be ready for pick-up. If you want to plant a Christmas tree, you should instead specify the district where the tree is to find its new home. Then the creators of the initiative “We save Christmas trees” will come to pick up the Christmas tree and take it to the interested parties. – It may also turn out that someone who lives, for example, in Nowa Huta, may want to accept a Christmas tree from another person who will be his neighbor – says Myśliwiec.

In the future, the action may be extended to other cities, but for now its organizers want to focus on the capital of Lesser Poland.

Nearly 20 saved Christmas trees are already growing on Mr. Maciej’s plotMaciej Mysliwiec

How to take care of a Christmas tree?

The action is aimed at greening the surroundings and “returning” to nature the trees taken home. Maciej Myśliwiec emphasizes, however, that not every Christmas tree can be replanted and that not every tree that has already been planted will take root in a new place. He himself had to say goodbye to about 10 trees that he had planted on his plot in recent years.

The basis that will allow you to replant a Christmas tree is that it should be alive and have a root system. How the tree is stored is also crucial. It should not be too close to a radiator and needs to be watered regularly. The Christmas trees donated as part of the campaign should not be dried and should not – if the temperature is sufficiently low – immediately leave the apartment outside. This poses a risk of thermal shock, which is why, as the author of the initiative emphasizes, we should first put them temporarily, for example in the garage or staircase, where the temperature is lower than inside the apartment, but higher than outside.

– However, there are sellers who cheat their customers. They sell Christmas trees in a pot, and later it turns out that the trees had their roots cut off and have no chance to grow. In the end, unfortunately, they wither – emphasizes Maciej Myśliwiec.

“Action Christmas tree” in Krakow

Christmas trees can once again be handed over to officials from the Municipal Greenery Management in Krakow (ZZM). Employees of this institution every year – as part of the “Christmas Tree Action” – plant trees donated by residents in urban forests and in housing estates. The first ones this year were planted in the Przy Arke housing estate.

Potted Christmas trees can be delivered to ZZM until February 17. Two points accepting Christmas trees have been designated: one is located at 22 Za Torem Street (the Christmas tree should be left in front of the gate in a designated place), and the other at 6 Tadeusza Ptaszyckiego Street (in front of Hutnik Kraków Sports and Entertainment Hall).

Main photo source: Maciej Mysliwiec

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