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Cracow. They pour coffee grounds on the sidewalks in parks instead of salt and in addition to sand

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Sidewalks in Krakow’s parks will smell like a “little black dress”. For the third year in a row, officials from the Municipal Greenery Authority in Krakow intend to sprinkle the alleys with coffee grounds instead of salt and sand. They argue that this solution is beneficial for plants and animals. ZZM is looking for cafes whose owners will donate the remains of the cafe for this purpose.

The Municipal Greenery Authority in Krakow (ZZM) has once again announced the collection of coffee grounds, which will be used for winter sprinkling of paths and alleys in parks. In this way, “natural, fragrant sprinkles”, as cafe officials described the remnants of the cafe, will be sprinkled on paths and park alleys for the third year in a row.

A natural fertilizer and a way to reduce waste

As ZZM explains, coffee grounds will be used mainly in Planty Krakowskie. The idea of ​​using coffee grounds for winter maintenance of paths and alleys in parks came to Krakow from Lviv and was tested in 2021. The effect was satisfactory, so the action returned a year later in a wider scope.

In Krakow, they sprinkle icy sidewalks with coffee groundsTVN24

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Piotr Kempf, director of the Municipal Greenery Board, said two years ago that coffee grounds cannot completely replace sand in Krakow’s parks in winter, because 75 to 80 tons are used daily. Reaching for coffee grounds has an ecological dimension – it is a natural fertilizer and a way to reduce the amount of waste.

ZZM invites coffee shops to cooperate

Officials invite owners of cafes near the center of Krakow, located in the Old Town, Grzegórzki and Krowodrza, to take part in the campaign. Applications regarding the transfer of black, ecological sprinkles are accepted via an online form.

“It is important that during collection we can take at least 20 kg of this natural, fragrant topping. You can also join forces and designate a place to collect coffee grounds in one location, which will reach you from several nearby places or from several of your facilities” – we read in the communiqué of the office .

Officials reminded that due to the inability to store coffee grounds in large quantities, they will be collected as needed due to the winter weather successively on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Ban on the use of salt on some pavements

In Krakow, the use of salt is prohibited in parks and green areas maintained by the Municipal Greenery Authority. This is checked by municipal gardeners, and each possible use of salt results in charging contractual penalties to the companies maintaining the parks.

On the other hand, the employees of Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Odszczania use salt only on roadways for snow removal and try not to salt near green areas and lawns. Only calcium chloride and sand are used in the Old Town area.

Main photo source: TVN24

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