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Cracow. They sued the author of the textbook History and Present, prof. Wojciech Roszkowski for his words about “breeding” children. The first hearing took place

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On Wednesday, the first trial against Professor Wojciech Roszkowski, the author of a school textbook on history and present, and the “Biały Kruk” publishing house, took place in a Krakow court. The lawsuit was filed by the family of a child conceived using in vitro fertilization. The matter was previously reported by reporters from the “Uwaga!” magazine. TVN.

The first trial against Professor Wojciech Roszkowski and the “Biały Kruk” publishing house for violating personal rights took place at the District Court in Kraków. The professor did not appear, he was represented by attorney Artur Wdowczyk.

– In my opinion, there was no violation of any personal rights. In the sense that this is a precedent-setting process, there is no mention of in vitro in the book. However, the state that filed the lawsuit is not mentioned by name. This way, virtually anyone can sue anyone for any publication, said attorney Artur Wdowczyk.

The parents of a child conceived with the help of in vitro sued prof. Roszkowski

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After five years of attempts, failures and infertility diagnostics, Kamil and Joanna Mieszczankowscy heard that the chance to have the long-awaited child was the in vitro method. As they say, they didn’t hesitate for a moment. It worked. Their daughter was born 3.5 years ago.

When the Mieszczankowscy family read the sentence “who will love children produced in this way” in the textbook for the subject of History and Present for 14-year-olds, as they say, they could not believe what they saw.

Then Mr. Kamil Mieszzankowski read the next sentences from the textbook, talking about, among other things, the production and breeding of people, the breakdown of the family, and the creation of people in laboratories. He had no doubt that this was about the in vitro method, his family and their daughter.

The man started an online collection to sue the creators of the History and Present History textbook and the minister who approved this textbook for “stigmatizing children with in vitro fertilization.” He wanted to collect 30,000 for the trial. PLN, and PLN 330,000 was paid. zloty.

The case of the Mieszczankowski family was previously reported by “Uwagi!” reporters. TVN. Episode 7337 and other reports “Attention!” can also be viewed on the website vod.pl and on player.pl

Controversy surrounding the textbook

A new subject called history and present (HiT) entered secondary schools on September 1, 2022. July 1, 2022 Ministry of Education and Science approved the textbook by Professor Wojciech Roszkowski “History and Present. 1945-1979”, which was published by the “Biały Kruk” publishing house.

The book aroused controversy from the beginning. It includes, among other things, the statement that European Union promotes atheism, and that “gender ideology” is popular, and feminism is another ideology. The textbook also includes a section on fertility and family planning.

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“With medical progress and the offensive of gender ideology, the 21st century has brought a further breakdown of the family institution. The currently promoted inclusive family model assumes the creation of any groups of people, sometimes of the same sex, who will bring children into the world apart from the natural relationship of a man and a woman, preferably in laboratory. More and more sophisticated methods of separating sex from love and fertility lead to treating the sphere of sex as entertainment, and the sphere of fertility as the production of people, one could say breeding. This leads to a fundamental question: who will love the children produced in this way? A state that takes this kind of ‘production’ under its wing?” – we read.

The fragment about “producing” and “breeding” people caused numerous comments and sharp criticism among the public. The “Biały Kruk” publishing house wrote on August 22, 2022 in a statement that although it “disagrees with the criticism and unfair interpretation”, it decided, together with the author of the publication, Professor Wojciech Roszkowski, “to remove the controversial fragment”.

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