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Cracow. Ticket inspector attacked, hospitalized with concussion

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The police are looking for the perpetrator of the attack on the ticket inspector on a city bus in Krakow. The victim has already left the hospital after suffering a concussion and hand injuries. After the attack, the aggressor ran out the window, leaving his phone and sweatshirt in the vehicle. This is the ninth attack on a ticket inspector in Krakow since November.

On Thursday (April 20), for the ninth time since November last year, an attack on a ticket inspector in Krakow’s public transport took place. An injured employee of the Rewizor company was hospitalized after he was beaten by one of the passengers of the bus number 129 on the section Politechnika-Dworzec Główny Zachód.

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The ticket inspector has left the hospital

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As Piotr Wieczorek, spokesman for the Rewizor company responsible for ticket control, informed on Saturday, the controller “after a slight concussion and with a bruised hand, secured in a sling, left the hospital emergency department”. Received longer sick leave Wieczorek emphasized.

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The Comptroller’s spokesman added that the attacker was one of the passengers who was traveling by bus without a valid ticket and refused to show an identity document, and then he mauled the employee.

The perpetrator escaped through the window, losing the phone

The door of the vehicle was locked, but the aggressor escaped through the window. He left his phone and sweatshirt at the scene, which were secured by the police. The controller with head, shoulder and arm injuries was taken by ambulance.

This is the ninth beating of a controller in public transport in Krakow since November.

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A spokesman for the ticket inspector company appealed to MPs to recognize ticket inspectors as public officials. – Then such behavior would be prosecuted ex officio. This would curb aggression towards employees, assessed Wieczorek.

In the first half of March, a ticket inspector was injured after she checked tickets one of the passengers sprayed pepper spray. In January, the Krakow police published in turn recording of a group of people who were supposed to beat the controller at the Politechnika stop. The series of attacks became famous in November, when the authorities of the company Rewizor, which employs the controllers, reported that within a month, three of their employees were hospitalized as a result of aggression from passengers.

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