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Cracow. Wild in town, the office has set up a special task force. First recommendations

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The Krakow magistrate has appointed a team to “solve the problem of the excessive number of wild boars” in the city. Officials want to deal with troublesome guests in housing estates, which – due to African swine fever – can no longer be transported to the Niepołomice Forest. Meanwhile, the inhabitants themselves have partly got used to the presence of animals – the largest wild boar from the herd, which regularly appears in the Podwawelskie estate, they named Stefan.

Stefan – this is how the inhabitants of the Podwawelskie housing estate in Krakow called the largest wild boar herd, which often appears between blocks of flats in search of food. The problem of the presence of wild boars in the city has been known for years – it is enough to mention that last year one of the animals demolished a beauty salon on Kapelanka Street.

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Dziki on the Podwawelskie estate in KrakowTVN24

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Recordings of urban escapades of wild boars tempted by a free feast regularly appear on the web – how they perceive leftovers of food left in the dumpsters. They are mostly harmless, but there are close encounters with people, which so far have ended at most in flight and fear. However, there were situations in which residents were mauled by wild boars – as in 2020, when an animal two people rammed in Krakow’s Ruczaj.

The task force is set to solve the wild boar problem

In order to control the situation, a task force was established at the magistrate to “solve the problem of excessive numbers of wild boars” in Krakow. As TVN24 reporter Konrad Borusiewicz found out, so far the authority has recommended the creation of enclaves where wild boars could live, as well as corridors through which they could move.

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In 2021, the Krakow magistrate found a way to get rid of the problem humanely. Automatically closing catching houses were set up in the city, from which the animals were later moved to the vicinity of the nearby Niepołomice Forest. Only last year, more than 230 wild boars were caught in traps. Now you can’t do that, because in August 2021, the government introduced regulations related to African swine fever. The regulation of the Minister of Agriculture introduced restrictions on wild boar catching, tying the hands of the local government.

Dziki on the Podwawelskie estate in KrakowTVN24

Why wild in Krakow?

Evidence of the presence of wild boars does not have to be sought far – even if we do not notice the animals themselves on the estate, the holes they leave in the ground, where they look for food, are conspicuous.

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Wild boars run around Krakow12 wild boars entered the playground. Contact 24

As Dorota Grega, the director of the Krakow zoo, emphasizes, the reason for the increased presence of wild boars in the city is not that the wild boars enter human territory. It’s completely the other way around. – The territory of wild boars is constant, (…) it is people who occupy more and more areas where animals used to live. Unfortunately, we have to reckon with the fact that we will have to share space with them, because these animals occupy their areas (…). The area on which they feed and where they used to live is shrinking more and more due to the spread of construction and human expansion. They have to deal with it somehow,” she says.

Wild in the city. How to behave?

One of the most important things that the residents themselves can do to discourage wild boars from visiting their estates is to close the garbage cans and keep the public space tidy.

In some places in Krakow, you can come across special signs warning against the presence of wild boars. You can read on them advice on how to behave in the event of encountering a wild animal. The most important thing is to stay calm.

A sign warning against wild boars in KrakowTVN24

From the boards you can learn that wild boars should not be fed, irritated or frightened. They must also not be set on dogs, which should be walked on a leash. If we see a wild boar, we should calmly move away from this place. If he runs in our direction – let’s get out of his way. Under no circumstances should young boars be stroked, let alone frightened or attacked. In the event of an emergency, it is advisable to contact city ​​guard under the emergency number 986.

Main photo source: TVN24

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