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Cranberries. They were running with their dog at the border, taking photos. A Norwegian couple received fines

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A Norwegian couple will pay a fine of PLN 500 each for illegally crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border while walking their dog. The Border Guard reminds that on the Podkarpacie section of the border with Ukraine, which is the internal border of the European Union, it is prohibited to enter the border road.

According to the spokesman of the Bieszczady Border Guard Unit, Lieutenant Piotr Zakielarz, the arrest of Norwegians who went for a walk along the border with their four-legged pet took place near the town of Żurawin in the Bieszczady poviat.

A Norwegian couple fined for illegally crossing the border Bieszczady Border Guard Unit

A drone spotted them

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The tourists were noticed by border guards from the outpost in Czarna-Górna patrolling the Polish-Ukrainian border using a drone. – At one point, the car approached the border line and two people got out – said Lieutenant Zakielarz.

The behavior of those visiting the border was constantly monitored by a drone camera, and uniformed officers were already on their way to the site. – A Norwegian couple (a woman and a man), aged 27 and 30, started taking photos on the Ukrainian side, they were running along the border road, and at the end their four-legged companion also appeared – said the BiOSG spokesman.

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A Norwegian couple fined for illegally crossing the border Bieszczady Border Guard Unit

They broke the ban and will pay PLN 500 each

Tourists for illegally crossing the border were fined PLN 500 each. – They explained that they did not know about the applicable regulations – added the spokesman.

And he recalled that on the Podkarpacie section of the border with Ukraine It is forbidden to enter the border road (this is the border with Ukraine). The ban was introduced by the regulation of the Podkarpackie Voivode of October 19, 2009.

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Signs inform about the ban

Lieutenant Zakielarz also reminded that clear warning signs are placed on the access roads and directly in the border area: “Border road strip, entry prohibited” and “State border crossing prohibited.”

– The ban does not apply only to sections of the border road along which marked tourist trails in the Bieszczady Mountains run. People traveling along the tourist trail running along the border line or along the border road must have an identity document with them, the officer noted.

Main photo source: Bieszczady Border Guard Unit

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