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“Loopy” F1 2026 prime speeds could have security implications

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On Thursday the FIA presented an outline of the all-new 2026 F1 cars with a much bigger emphasis on electrical power and far decrease drag and downforce ranges.

The extra slippery vehicles are projected to be slower by means of the corners, however quicker on the straights than the present equipment, which Russell believes comes with security implications.

“The vehicles are going to take a fairly a giant flip when it comes to how they carry out,” mentioned Russell, additionally a director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Affiliation that represents the drivers’ pursuits.

“They are going to be exceptionally fast within the straights, 360km/h in all probability at most tracks, which is fairly spectacular.

“Clearly then the security must be in all probability improved, as a result of having a crash at 360, 370km/h goes to be fairly loopy.”

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A selected level of concern is what may occur on ultra-fast avenue circuits like Jeddah and Baku, with Russell urging the rule makers to rethink whether or not even quicker prime speeds are actually a desired by-product of the 2026 guidelines shift.

“On the subject of security, sadly, historical past has instructed us that incidents have to occur earlier than adjustments are made,” he defined.

“Everyone must do a extremely thorough job forward of those laws, as a result of the vehicles are going to be so fast.

F1 2026 FIA automotive renders

Photograph by: FIA

“It is going to have so little downforce within the straights, it is nearly going to really feel such as you’re simply flying by means of the air.

“You possibly can think about in a race that it begins raining and also you’re on slick tyres, and also you’re doing 250 miles an hour on a avenue circuit. That is going to be a little bit of a sketchy place to be, so these are questions that have to be answered.

“To be truthful to the FIA, they’re totally conscious of this and so they’re on prime of this, and so they’re the entire potential situations of what may occur.

“Time will inform, however the vehicles are already bloody quick as they’re. The place will we cease, are we going to rise up to 400 kilometres an hour? Do the followers really want or need to see this?”

Russell felt it might be a disgrace to lose the high-downforce efficiency of the present technology of vehicles, however mentioned it might be a worthy compromise if it means the standard of the racing improves.

“From a driving standpoint you need the quickest vehicles, you need to really feel such as you’re in a fighter jet and in 2020 and 2021 that is the way it felt, and now these vehicles are getting very fast once more,” he added.

“It will be a disgrace to lose a few of that efficiency of the automotive. However on the flip aspect, it can enhance the racing if there’s much less downforce and there is much less soiled air.

“You possibly can’t have all of it and you have to select your battles. What’s it that we need to obtain?

“For me, you need to have good, arduous racing, and robust competitors, ideally, between each staff and each driver.”

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