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Credit holidays. A row over credit holidays – a heated exchange of opinions between PiS MP Waldemar Buda and KO MP Janusz Cichoń

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The issue of extending credit holidays raises great emotions. The Sejm Public Finance Committee was supposed to deal with projects in this matter on Tuesday, but the meeting was canceled. This decision outraged Law and Justice MP Waldemar Buda. Therefore, a heated exchange of opinions took place in the Sejm between the former Minister of Development and Technology and Janusz Cichoń from the Civic Coalition.

On Tuesday, around 6:30 p.m., a joint meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Energy, Climate and State Assets and the Public Finance Committee began. The agenda of the meeting included the first reading of the government bill amending the Act on the Operation of Hard Coal Mining.

PiS MP At the beginning of the meeting, Waldemar Buda submitted a motion to supplement the session with the PiS government’s project regarding the extension credit holidays. A meeting of the Public Finance Committee on this matter was to be held on Tuesday at 5 p.m., but it was canceled.

– I wanted to submit a motion to supplement the agenda of today’s meeting of the joint committees, because the Finance Committee was to meet at 5 p.m. and we were to proceed with the bill on credit holidays. For reasons unknown to us, the chairman dismissed this committee. Moreover, one of the parliamentary projects (…) was withdrawn, but there is still a very good government project – said the former Minister of Development and Technology.

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The Parliamentary Public Finance Committee was to deal with two bills on the extension of credit holidays: submitted by a group of MPs from Poland 2050-Third Way and prepared by the government of Mateusz Morawiecki. The parliamentary bill was withdrawn. As the Marshal of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, explained: the new government will already prepare a project to extend credit holidayswhich he is to head Donald Tusk.

It’s hot around credit holidays

– This government project (of Law and Justice – ed.) is ready for proceedings and if we want the loan holidays to come into force on January 1 (2024 – ed.), and 70 percent of borrowers have the installment payable by January 10, we must immediately start working on this project, Buda emphasized. – I understand that your project was a failure. I agree with that, it’s good that it was withdrawn, but we have to work on a good project, and such a project is (…) – he added.

Waldemar Buda appealed to the chairman of the commission “not to underestimate the million people who are waiting for these solutions.”

The chairman of the committee, Janusz Cichoń from the Civic Coalition, reminded that “we are at a joint meeting of the Public Finance Committee and the Energy, Climate and State Assets Committee.” – Your request concerns the Public Finance Committee. You can repeat it at your own meeting, we will definitely meet tomorrow, we will also meet on Thursday, the KO MP pointed out.

– I canceled the committee meeting because the new government’s opinion on the government project (PiS – ed.), which is crucial from my point of view, is missing – explained Cichoń.

According to Waldemar Buda, “this is a frivolous situation.” – We have a government that adopted the project at the Council of Ministers and we have full grounds to proceed with it. Every project should have the opinion of two governments? – asked the PiS MP.

– It’s a pity that you didn’t submit this project earlier, in the previous term, or while you were in the government, Mr. MP – replied Janusz Cichoń. The comment did not go unanswered. – I submitted this project, it was adopted by the Council of Ministers when I was in the government, so that we could proceed with it – said Buda.

When will the meeting of the Public Finance Committee be held?

Ultimately, the PiS MP’s motion was not put to a vote. – This is not a motion that we should and cannot proceed with at a joint meeting of two committees. We can process this application at the meeting of the Public Finance Committee, explained Janusz Cichoń.

– We will start considering this project regarding credit holidays as soon as possible. That’s all on this issue today – summed up the chairman of the Public Finance Committee.

According to information available on the Sejm website, an independent meeting of the Public Finance Committee is scheduled for Thursday at 9.30.

Main photo source: TVN24

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