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Credit holidays are waiting for the president’s signature. “It would be very bad if he referred the bill to the Constitutional Tribunal”

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I cannot say to what extent the president’s office is involved in the work on the law on credit holidays. It would be very bad if President Andrzej Duda referred her to the Constitutional Tribunal, said Deputy Finance Minister Artur Soboń.

Last Thursday, the Sejm supported most of the Senate’s amendments to the law on credit holidays and an increase of PLN 1.4 billion in funds for the Borrowers Support Fund. The act adopted in this form makes it possible to take advantage of the so-called credit holidays to people repaying a loan for an apartment. They will be able to apply for four months of loan repayment suspension at no cost this year and for another four next year. The law is now waiting for the president’s signature.


Credit holidays. Artur Soboń on the president’s decision

On Monday, Soboń was asked on the radio TOK FM about the law on credit holidays. As the deputy minister explained, “in the long term, not one month but, say, the next two years (…), maintaining liquidity on the part of bank customers and the ability to repay loans is something that will stabilize the situation on both sides – and for bank customers, and for the entire banking sector “.

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Asked if he is sure that the president Andrzej Duda will sign the law, he replied: “It obviously depends on the president. As for the president, I am not sure about it in the sense that I did not talk about it with the president’s office.” – If I conduct a law, then I am actually also in dialogue with the president’s office – this was the case with the tax law, PITwith the changes I made. And then I knew what the president would do. But here I am not actually keeping this law. I cannot say to what extent the president’s office is involved in this work. It would be very bad if the president referred this law to the Tribunal, he assessed.

PiS spokesman Radosław Fogiel when asked on Friday in Wirtualna Polska whether he was sure that President Duda would sign this law, he said: “It is always the president’s decision and he always emphasizes that he analyzes the laws before signing. I hope that our positions are close here.” Wirtualna Polska pointed out that recently the president indicated that all those who are in a difficult situation should be entitled to credit holidays, which – as indicated – can be understood as the announcement that the act would be sent back to the Constitutional Tribunal.

Polish Order in a New Way. Soboń: no taxpayer will lose

Soboń on Monday in TOK FM also referred to the tax changes effective from July 1 this year. – No taxpayer will lose in the annual tax return; in advance payments, this may vary from month to month, he said.

As he explained, “if we are talking about the current tax year in comparison to the Polish Order – we actually have various types of tax advance simulations that look as they look like – advance payments may differ, because we have an advance payment dualism that exists today”. – So today we have two types of advance payment options, which may actually result in the fact that someone in July will have a higher advance payment for tax than in June, which does not mean that they will have a higher tax – explained the deputy finance minister.

In accordance with the amendment to the act on personal income tax, effective from July 1, there were introduced, inter alia, lower tax rate from 17 to 12 percent The preferential settlement of single parents with children under the pre-2022 rules has also returned.

Polish Order in a New Way. Objections of the Commissioner for Human Rights

Soboń informed that he is arranging a meeting with the Human Rights Defender this week Marcin Wiącek. It is about the position of the Ombudsman on Polish Deal 2.0, which he expressed in this matter, writing a letter to the Minister of Finance, Magdalena Rzeczkowska.

– We have an initial appointment with the spokesman (…), and I hope that all the doubts contained in this letter (…) will be clarified and there will be no such doubts – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance.

The Commissioner for Human Rights wrote in a letter that “there are many doubts as to whether citizens will actually benefit from the reduction of personal income tax from 17 percent to 12 percent, introduced by the Polish Deal 2.0”. “Ombudsman is concerned that none of the citizens will actually suffer negative tax consequences in connection with the Polish Order 2.0 “, wrote Wiącek to the head of the Ministry of Finance.

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