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Credit holidays – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on the extension and the limit

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Credit holidays can be used from July last year. The head of the government announced that he would inform about the possible extension of the credit holidays in the summer. In the latest interview, he admitted that “the application of the income criterion” is being considered.

– And if we’re talking about income criteriaWe are considering an extension credit holidays for another six months or even a year. However, if we decide to do so, we are thinking about applying the income criterion in this case, Morawiecki said in an interview published on Thursday on the “Wprost” website.

Prime Minister on housing issues

The prime minister pointed out that “fortunately, for a few months now inflation is in a downward trend.” – Although it is still a bit like moving on an icy road. One sudden movement and you can fall into a ditch. Together with the central bank, we are a bit between Scylla and Charybdis – he assessed.

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The head of the government also referred to the housing issue of Poles. As he said, “an absolute record number of apartments” were commissioned in Poland last year.

– One that has not been seen since Gierek’s famous decade. You ask me about the numbers, so let’s remind you that, on average, during the rule of the PO, 140,000 were given away. apartments per year, and last year almost 240,000 were completed. is there success? Is. Is it enough? Of course not. So what do we want to do? Introduce a preferential loan for young people at 2 percent. At a fixed rate, without the risk of increasing interest, so that its availability is as large as possible. It’s on the demand side. But the most important element is on the supply side. That is why we are going with legislation that, if the voters trust us, we will definitely carry it out,’ he said.

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He assured that the government would do everything to increase the supply of land and make it even easier to build these apartments.

Mateusz Morawiecki admitted that the mechanism proposed in the Mieszkanie Plus program by Mirosław Barszcz had failed. “Anyway, it wasn’t his fault at all.” We have to work out a better one, he stressed.

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