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Credit holidays. The decision on credit holidays in the fourth quarter of 2023 is commented on by Piotr Mueller

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Rather in the fourth quarter of this year, the government spokesman, Piotr Mueller, indicated the date of the decision on credit holidays. “We need to know what the situation is in terms of interest rates,” he added during a press conference.

so-called credit holidays is the possibility of suspending the repayment of housing loan installments in PLN for four months in 2022 and four months in 2023.

Credit holidays with an income criterion

At the beginning of June, in an interview for “Wprost”, the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki informed that the government is considering extending the credit holidays by another six months or even a year. – However, if we decide to do it, we are thinking about the application in this case income criterion – added. During the Monday press conference, the government spokesman was asked about credit holidays in the context of the CJEU judgment: “are there any new ideas and when will decisions be made on this matter?”. Mueller announced that decisions on credit holidays will be made “rather in the fourth quarter of this year.” – We need to know what the situation is regarding interest rates – added.

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interest rates [czerwiec 2023 r.]PAP

Referring to the judgment of the CJEU, the government spokesman pointed out that “luckily, the banks established appropriate provisions for this purpose, which is why today the situation of the Polish banking system is stable”. “Fortunately, this verdict did not ultimately cause any very difficult situation in the banking sector, because the sector was preparing for a potential such decision,” Mueller said.

Decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union

In mid-June, the Court of Justice of the EU issued two judgments in cases brought against banks by consumers who took out loans denominated in Swiss francs. The CJEU found that the bank does not have the right to demand compensation from the consumer that goes beyond the return of the paid-out capital and that the courts may order an interim measure in the form of suspension of loan installments during the trial to determine the unfair nature of the contract terms.

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