Crimea. Attack on Sevastopol. Clouds of smoke over the peninsula


The unsettled situation on Crimea. On the Russian-occupied peninsula there was another missile attack. Ukraine has not yet commented on the incident.

“According to preliminary information, four air targets were destroyed in the sky over the water area and in the area of ​​Balaklava,” the governor of Sevastopol reported on the network Mikhail Razvozhaevquoted by the pro-Kremlin news agency RIA Novosti. Balaklava is the administrative part of the city.

Sevastopol. Shelling of the city, Russians launched air defense

Local authorities are investigating the matter possible damage to civilian infrastructure. According to subordinate relations The Kremlin officials shrapnel from shot-down missiles fell into the coastal zone.

This hypothesis would be confirmed by social media recordings. Clouds of smoke appeared over SevastopolRIA Novosti reported that residents were informed of the threat. The air raid alert in the city lasted less than an hour.

Crimea. Unrest on the peninsula. State of emergency in Sevastopol

One of the rockets was shot down directly over Uczkowce beachwhere civilians were located. As a result of the falling debris, 153 people were injured and four people died.

Due to the threat, by decree of Governor Mikhail Razvozhayev it was decided to introduction of a state of emergency in the territory of Sevastopol.

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