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Crisis on the border. The parliamentary culture committee supports the PiS draft resolution on solidarity on the protection of Polish borders

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On Tuesday night, the parliamentary culture commission adopted, with amendments, a draft resolution of the Law and Justice party on solidarity on the protection of Polish borders. The opposition’s motion to establish a subcommittee to work out a joint text of the resolution was rejected.

A group of Law and Justice MPs submitted a draft resolution on solidarity on the protection of Polish borders. “At the time of the test, the Sejm expresses solidarity with the policy of the Polish government, if we are in solidarity with each other, we will effectively face the attack on our country together,” we read in the draft resolution. The draft resolution on the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border was also prepared by KO deputies. “The Sejm expresses solidarity with the officers of the Border Guard, Police and soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces who, while on duty, should also respect human rights” – emphasized in the draft.


The PiS project was presented by Jarosław Zieliński, the party’s deputy. He said the resolution was intended to complement the information presented by the government last week on the situation at the border. He added that the adoption of the resolution may be an expression of the common view of the parliamentary political class on the threat to the Polish border and the eastern border of the European Union.

The PiS deputy emphasized that the consent to the resolution was of great importance and the draft PiS resolution could be supported by everyone. Referring to the project, KO said that it was about a political and humanitarian crisis, not about border protection. He expressed hope that the PiS project will be the leading one.

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Draft resolution of the Civic Coalition on solidarity

The draft KO resolution was presented by MP Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska, who said that she showed the situation at the border against a broader background than the PiS draft. As she said, when reading the PiS text, one can get the impression that we have a war between Alyaksandr Lukashenka and Poland and that is where it ends. Śledzińska-Katarasińska pointed out that the crisis on the border is not only Poland’s problem and we cannot be left alone with this crisis.

In the photo from November 11, police officers at the Polish-Belarusian border near KuźnicaPAP / Irek Dorożański / Command of the Territorial Defense Forces

She emphasized that the source of the situation on the border was the political crisis triggered by Lukashenka, which – in her opinion – is taking revenge on the EU for imposing sanctions after the rigged presidential elections in Belarus.

Śledzińska-Katarasińska also said that thousands of innocent people camped on the border, who were misled by the Belarusian regime by arguing that they had an open road to the west. She encouraged the maximum use of the wording contained in the proposed resolution of the KO.

Discussion on projects

Maciej Konieczny from the Left, pointed out that the draft of the resolution by the Left was not included in the deliberations of the committee. He said that the title of the PiS project does not already cover the humanitarian dimension of the situation on the border. In the KO project – according to Konieczny – the humanitarian thread is too weakly present. He said that the Left proposed that the resolution should clearly indicate that we are dealing with a crisis resulting from an attack by the Lukashenka regime.

Konieczny also said that the resolution cannot indicate that the persons abused by Lukashenka are a threat to Poland, because – as he argued – it is a return to the PiS rhetoric from 2015 and threatening migrants. Konieczny said that the Left would not support the PiS project, but would be ready to support the KO project.

Hanna Gill-Piątek (Poland 2050) proposed to achieve a compromise text by removing political threads praising the PiS government in the PiS draft. Jarosław Rzepa (KP-PSL) said that today Poles need a uniform message from the Sejm and suggested that the subcommittee should deal with it. Other opposition MPs also supported this idea.

The committee behind the draft PiS resolution

After the discussion, most of the committee members voted that the leading project – on which the committee will work – would be the PiS project. The postulate to establish a subcommittee was rejected in the next vote. After this decision, the deputies of the KO and the Left left the committee meeting, and the rest of the politicians started to discuss in detail and adopt individual provisions of the bill.

The final text after the introduced amendments was read out by MP Zieliński. “The regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka attacked Poland, using the thousands of migrants he had brought to storm the borders of the Republic of Poland. For many years our country has not faced such a great threat to its security and the integrity of its borders. At this moment, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland expresses solidarity with the Polish government on this matter. together with all institutions of the Polish state and people involved in the defense of Poland and Poles “reads the text of the draft approved by the committee.

Border Guard: migrants return to the former camp siteTwitter / Border Guard

“Generations of our ancestors fought for a free and independent Poland, remembering to sacrifice them today, our duty is to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Border Guard and Police officers, soldiers of the Polish Army, including Territorial Defense Forces, and representatives of other services proudly wearing the Polish uniform and guarding the state borders, and sovereignty of our homeland “- underlined.

It was also written that “The Sejm of the Republic of Poland also expresses its gratitude to the local community and to all those who support our services on the Polish border and provide humanitarian aid to the victims of the crisis, for which the government of Belarus is fully responsible”. It was also emphasized that the Seym strongly condemns disinformation actions and other actions leading to the destabilization of Poland. “Ensuring the security of citizens in the face of an external attack and guaranteeing the inviolability of borders is the obligation of the Polish state resulting directly from the Constitution of the Republic of Poland” – wrote the draft resolution.

“The basic task of all citizens of the Republic of Poland, and in particular of the representatives of the Polish nation – regardless of political views – is to support the institutions of the state and its services. The Republic of Poland is a state that is strong in the strength of its institutions and its citizens. on our country. Today, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland is asking all Poles for this solidarity, “we read in the draft resolution.

Main photo source: PAP / Irek Dorożański / Command of the Territorial Defense Forces

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