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Crisis on the border with Belarus. Gródek commune. Police and night search at the NCU humanitarian aid point. Activists: Another Intimidation Attempt

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On Wednesday night, the police entered the humanitarian aid point of the Warsaw Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in the commune of Gródek (Podlaskie). According to activists, the officers questioned the volunteers and took their computers and telephone. A spokesman for the Podlasie police has not yet responded to the case.

“A search of the humanitarian aid point of the Warsaw Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Podlasie is currently being searched. Armed policemen have entered private property and volunteers are being interrogated. These actions are another attempt to intimidate humanitarian aid workers!” – this information on Thursday (December 16) after 2 a.m. was provided on Twitter by Grupa Granica.

Jakub Kiersnowski, president of the Catholic Intelligentsia Club in Warsaw, announced that the search began on Wednesday at around 21.

“Volunteers were interrogated, computers and telephones were confiscated”

– Volunteers were questioned. As far as we know, the computers and telephones that we use in our work have been confiscated, reported the President of the NCU.

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He added that he was not there during the police operation. He showed up there later.

– Our point has been operating since October 15th. Everything is done within the law. Humanitarian aid is being carried. Our volunteers have undergone all the necessary training on how to operate at the border – previously a state of emergency, now a restricted zone. During our interventions, we met many times with police and Border Guard officers. There were no objections to our work – said Kiersnowski.

The search began around 9 p.m.TVN24

Activists talk about another example of intimidation, while the police remain silent

On the other hand, Katarzyna Staszewska – an activist from the Granica Group – said that there were about 12 police cars on the spot.


– From our perspective, this is another example of intimidation and repression against people who engage in humanitarian aid – saving the lives of cold and suffering people – she said in front of the TVN24 camera.

Sub-inspector Tomasz Krupa, spokesman for the Podlasie police, has not yet responded to the case.

Activists counted about twelve police carsTVN24

Police at the KIK humanitarian aid stationTVN24

The point is located in the Gródek commune in the Białystok poviat

Main photo source: TVN24

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