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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Crisis on the border with Belarus. Ministry of National Defense: drunk Belarusians are on duty at the border under arms. Recording

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The Ministry of National Defense published on Sunday a recording recorded in the night conditions, which it says comes from the Polish-Belarusian border. “Drunken Belarusians are on duty at the border under arms,” ​​the ministry said in an entry on Twitter. In the film, you can hear the exchange of sentences in unclear English and Polish.

“Drunken Belarusians are on duty at the border under arms. This is not the first such case that our soldiers have encountered” – reported the Ministry of National Defense, which was posted on Twitter on Sunday. There are curses in the material attached to the post.

The recording shows a man in a military uniform who, according to the Ministry of National Defense, was under the influence of alcohol. The officer was on the other side of the border fence, holding what appeared to be a cigarette in his hand.

You can hear the exchange of opinions in the material. In sloppy English there is a proposal to exchange cigarettes: – I will give you Belarusian Pall Mall cigarettes and you will give Pall Mall cigarettes from Poland – we hear. The answer in Polish is: – I don’t smoke.

The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border

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From September 2, due to the migratory pressure in the border zone with Belarus in 183 localities in the voivodeship In Podlasie and Lublin regions, a state of emergency is in force. It was introduced for 30 days under the ordinance of President Andrzej Duda, issued at the request of the Council of Ministers. The Seym agreed to extend the state of emergency for another 60 days.

The situation worsened a week ago, when a large group of foreigners gathered on the Belarusian side of the border near the Kuźnica-Bruzgi border crossing and made an attempt to force the border through. The group finally moved to the border crossing itself, where last Tuesday there was an assault on the border. There were, among others, thrown at the Polish services stones and wood logs. Some officers were injured.

The camp created at the crossing finally emptied, and the migrants were directed by the Belarusian services to the logistics center.

Due to the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border, border traffic at the road crossing in Kuźnica was suspended from November 9 this year. until further notice.

A state of emergency on the eastern borderPAP

Main photo source: MON

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