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Crisis on the Polish-Belarus border. A spokeswoman for the Border Guard on migrants at the border crossing in Kuźnica

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A spokeswoman for the Border Guard, Second Lieutenant Anna Michalska, referred to the situation near the Kuźnica-Bruzgi border crossing. – We do not know whether the people who have been camping at this crossing so far will not be moved to another place – she said. She reported that some of them took logs with them, which she used to cross the border.

The Border Guard previously informed the Border Guard that the foreigners near the Kuźnica-Bruzgi border crossing had packed their bags and were leaving the camp. “We are observing that the foreigners wandering on the Belarusian side, near the Bruzgi border crossing, have packed their bags and leave the camp. They are moving under the supervision of Belarusian services to an unknown place” – it was written.

When asked about it at the Wednesday briefing, a spokeswoman for the Border Guard, Sec. Anna Michalska confirmed that the Border Guard officers on duty noticed the standing coaches. – We are watching a group in Kuźnica that moved to the site of the former encampment. These people have packed up, they are on the move, we do not know in what direction the Belarusian services are taking them. We hope that these people will be taken, although we can see that some groups take logs with them (used to cross the border – ed.), So we do not know if all these people will be picked up by coaches or are simply being moved to another place, where they are to camp or try to force the border – indicated 2nd Lt. Michalska.

A spokeswoman for the Border Guard added that some of the migrants withdrew into the forest.


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Michalska: almost 1,400 decisions were issued on the obligation to leave the territory of Poland

A spokeswoman for the Border Guard indicated that on the last 24 hours, 34 foreigners were obliged to leave the territory of Poland. – These people have been entered into the SIS system as persons who are banned from entering the territory of Poland and the Schengen area for a period of three years – said Second Lieutenant Anna Michalska.

– Such decisions have already been issued since October 26, 1394 – she announced.

In the photo from November 11, police officers at the Polish-Belarusian border near KuźnicaPAP / Irek Dorożański / Command of the Territorial Defense Forces

She indicated that since the beginning of the year, border guards have recorded 35,000 attempts to illegally cross the border from Belarus to Poland. – Let me remind you that last year we detained only 88 people at the same time. There were also so many attempts to cross the border illegally. This year it is already 35,000 – she emphasized.

She added that only in November, border guards had already recorded 5.5 thousand. attempts to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border.

The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border

There is a migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border, triggered by the regime of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka. It is about an organized action of bringing migrants to Belarus, so that they later try to cross the border with Poland illegally. The situation worsened a week ago, when a large group of foreigners gathered on the Belarusian side of the border near the Kuźnica-Bruzgi border crossing and made an attempt to force the border through.

Tension at the border crossing in Kuźnica. Recorded on November 15thMON

Similar attempts, albeit on a smaller scale, are now taking place regularly. Polish services also inform about regular provocations by Belarusian services that help migrants cross the border.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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