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Crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Impact of the introduction of the state of emergency on residents and entrepreneurs

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Military vehicles and street checks are a borderline everyday life. Instead of tourists’ cars, there are police cars in front of the farms. Łukasz Wieczorek, who traveled to Podlasie, saw it with his own eyes. Some companies lose their earnings, mainly after the border crossing in Kuźnica is closed. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The inhabitants of Sokółka and the surrounding area had to get used to such a sight and sound – police convoys or military vehicles can be seen here every day, many times. – The residents, just like me, feel anxious because we met it for the first time. It is disturbing, it is new, says the mayor of Sokółka, Ewa Kulikowska.


Signals that the residents feel anxious reached the head of the Szudzialowo commune, Tadeusz Tokarewicz. He decided that he would also turn on the lanterns at night. Until now, the commune was saving and turning off the light after 11 p.m. – There were newcomers with a different skin color, even from Congo, and people supported the needy, while when the night strangers, tall men started to come. There were some concerns and therefore we turned on the light – explains Tokarewicz.

Policemen instead of tourists

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Tourists resign from trips to the east of the country. – In September, at the end of August, there were some inquiries about reservations for October and September. But when it came to a state of emergency, all reservations were automatically canceled by people – says the co-owner of the agritourism farm Robert Kurza.

Crisis on the border with BelarusTVN24

On Monday, in front of Mr. Robert’s farm, instead of tourists’ cars, there are police cars. The policemen are staying overnight here. – After the hard times of the pandemic, the closure of gastronomy and farm businesses, it will surely be a bit of a financial return to normalcy. People will feel financial relief – says Robert Kurza.

Negative effects of closing the border crossing in Kuźnica

Not everyone counts profits. Some companies lose their earnings, mainly after the border crossing in Kuźnica is closed. – Sokółka, Grodno or the nearby towns made their living from border traffic, but also mainly Sokolski entrepreneurs who imported materials. It is mainly about wood, explains the mayor of Sokółka, Ewa Kulikowska.

The consequences of closing the transition to the 19 national road are felt not only for local companies. After the border crossing in Kuźnica is closed, drivers go to Bobrowniki.

Mr. Kamil is on his way to Moscow – he covered 10 kilometers in 10 hours. – On Fridays or Thursdays I was always at home, now maybe I’ll be back on Sundays. It still depends on how I will stand on my return – says the truck driver. Transport companies estimate that each additional day in the queue before the border is a loss of several hundred euros on transport.

Łukasz Wieczorek, asty // now

Main photo source: TVN24

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