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Crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. They throw burning branches at the Border Guard

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It looks as if someone was throwing fireworks or even trying to use an angle grinder. In fact, people on the other side of the border with Belarus throw burning branches at Polish services, as seen in the video published by the Border Guard. Over the last three days, 729 attempts to illegally enter Poland were thwarted.

border guards published a video on social media showing the barrier on the Polish-Belarusian border. At some point, flashes appear. As if someone was throwing fireworks there or even trying to use an angle grinder.

– People on the other side of the border make bonfires and throw burning branches at us. They smash against the barrier and it looks just like you can see in the film – explains Senior Staff Warrant Officer Michał Bura from the Podlaskie Branch of the Border Guard in Białystok.

It looks like someone was trying to use an angle grinderBorder Guard/X

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11 people were also detained for aiding and abetting

According to the latest data, from Friday to Sunday (May 17-19) at the border with Belarus 729 attempts to illegally enter Poland were recorded.

11 people were arrested for aiding and abetting.

“Officers helped 11 foreigners. Branches and stones were thrown at Polish patrols,” informs the Border Guard.

These are burning branches Border Guard/X

There are quite a few incidents

The uniformed officers also had a lot of work the week before. From Friday to Sunday, May 10-12, a total of 824 attempts to illegally cross the border were recorded.

On Friday, May 10, a group of over 140 foreigners tried to illegally cross the border through the Przegląd River. According to the Border Guard, the immigrants were “very aggressive” and threw tree branches and stones at the Polish services.

There have also been a large number of incidents recently. For example, on Tuesday (May 14) in the morning near Białowieża, a person on the Belarusian side of the steel barrier tried – using a tree branch – to destroy or at least damage the Polish border sign. At that time, another person threw stones at the intervening soldier.

This can be seen in the video published by SG. Earlier, officers noticed an attempt to set fire to the border sign. There was also an attempt to set fire to a Polish service post located along the border road. The recording published by the guards shows one or two people overcoming the barrier, running to the post and trying to set it on fire, then running away when they saw the approaching patrol.

Operation “Sluice” – a crisis caused by Lukashenko

Migration crisis on the borders of Belarus with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia was triggered by Alexander Lukashenko, who is accused of waging a hybrid war. It involves the organized transfer of migrants to the territory of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. During over 28 years of his rule, Lukashenko has often threatened Europe with weakening border control.

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The operation of bringing migrants to Belarus from the Middle East or Africa in order to cause a migration crisis was previously described on his blog by Tadeusz Giczan, a journalist from the Belarusian opposition channel Nexta. He explained that the Belarusian services are conducting the “Sluice” operation invented 10 years ago. Under the guise of trips to Minsk, promising to transfer them to Western Europe, the Lukashenko regime brought thousands of migrants to Belarus. Then he transports them to the borders of EU countries, where Belarusian services force them to cross them illegally. This operation is still ongoing.

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Main photo source: Border Guard/X

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