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Crisis on the Polish-Ukrainian border. “The PiS government slept for many months”

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According to the protesting carriers, the reason for their difficult situation is cheap transport competition from Ukraine. Problems began to arise after the European Union temporarily lifted restrictions on Ukrainian trucks due to the war. The new coalition points out that PiS did not protest against the new regulations.

Another day of protest on the border with Ukraine. The protesters did not like the Thursday speech of the Minister of Infrastructure and the parliamentary debate. – We are now witnessing a masquerade, a masquerade ball – says Jan Buczek, president of the Association of International Road Carriers in Poland.

In fact, the Sejm voted against the government’s information about the protest, but specific numbers are important for carriers. – I had about 30 cars, 405 people worked, now I have 10 cars and 14 drivers – confesses Szczepan Krzyżiński, a carrier from Łuków. According to carriers, the reason for this situation is cheap transport competition from Ukraine. – It’s about PLN 1 per kilometer. If we give you four zlotys, they offer three zlotys – says Marian Master from the National Association of Road Carriers Galicia.

Only after 23 days of protest, when the congestion at the border became monstrous, did the Ministry of Infrastructure announce increased inspections of trucks. However, the problem has been growing since last summer, after the European Union temporarily lifted restrictions on Ukrainian trucks due to the war.

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– The PiS government slept through many months. He has never submitted any comments to the European Union – points out Dariusz Klimczak, an MP from the Third Way.

The politician, tipped to be the Minister of Infrastructure in the new government, assumes that road checks should provide evidence and arguments to demand changes to the current EU regulations on December 4 during the meeting of the Council for Transport, Telecommunications and Energy of the European Union. – Today we need to collect data to prove that competitiveness is impaired – emphasizes Klimczak.

According to the agreement with the European Union, Ukrainians can transport goods from and to Ukraine or in transit. Meanwhile, they take additional orders within the EU

Carriers’ protest in front of the border with Ukraine. “We don’t remember such a long queue”08/11.TVN24

They do not rule out extending the protest

Poland will still be represented on December 4 by the departing PiS team. – If you don’t settle this matter in the interest of Polish transport companies, you simply have no reason to come back here – says Mirosław Suchoń, MP of the Third Way.

There is no good will on the part of the Polish authorities, there is a complete lack of commitment – this is the voice of the EU Transport Commissioner. – I have the impression that Morawiecki’s government is deliberately planting a cuckoo’s egg in the future government – says Krzysztof Gawkowski, an MP from the Left.

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The EU signed an agreement with Ukraine to lift transport restrictions at the annual Connecting Europe conference in Lyon. The former Minister of Infrastructure admitted that he was at this conference, but he found out about the contract three hours late because the conference was large. – The event, attended by several hundred people, takes place in several rooms – explains Andrzej Adamczyk. The current crisis is a direct result of the loss of the Polish delegation – says the opposition and adds that we also need to act in Kiev.

The protesters also demand that Ukraine eliminate obstacles for Polish drivers on its side. The carriers’ protest – according to Waldemar Jaszczur, chairman of the committee for the defense of carriers and transport employers – is expected to last until January 4, but it is possible that even longer.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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