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Cristiano Ronaldo will play Al-Nassr vs PSG. How much does a soccer player earn in Saudi Arabia?

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Why the sheikhs will pay Cristiano Ronaldo PLN 2 billion and why it’s not that much

Photo: AL Nassr Club of Saudi Arabia / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

$500 million for two and a half years of work. In addition, for an employee who is – as for the realities of his profession – in the pre-retirement age. This is how much Cristiano Ronaldo will earn for playing for the Al-Nassr club in Saudi Arabia. And although the amount seems absurd and irrational, from the perspective of the Portuguese footballer’s employer, it is not so much. Not only because he can afford such an amount, but also for a much more important reason – this investment can pay off with a vengeance. But it’s not just about earnings. Cristiano Ronaldo will make his debut for Al-Nassr vs PSG today.

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