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Croatia. Dalmatia under the snow. The first such winter in a long time

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Dalmatia was under the snow. The region of Croatia, popular among tourists, has been plagued by snowstorms since Saturday. White landscapes please the inhabitants, but they are also the cause of numerous difficulties on the roads.

Although at the beginning of January the weather in Croatia was as mild as in our part of Europe, the last few days brought an attack of winter. Even in the southern part of the country, in Dalmatia, towns and roads have turned white.

Cloudy, snowy weekend

The heaviest snowfall occurred on Saturday – in places the thickness of the snow cover was up to 30 centimeters. It was white, among others, in Split and Dubrovnik, popular among tourists, as well as in the Zagora region. The rainfall was accompanied by strong gusts of wind blowing from the coast, which led to a red weather alert in the region. The movement of ferries, boats and catamarans has been temporarily suspended.

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The snow pleased the inhabitants of the region, who willingly took advantage of the possibility of relaxing outdoors.

– We have been waiting for this snow for more than two years – admitted one of them. “When they remove all that, it’s going to be hard for us to enjoy it.”

Snow in DalmatiaENEX

Snow in DalmatiaENEX

Communication difficulties

Snow storms brought with them transport difficulties not only in Dalmatia. On Saturday, there were serious traffic problems in Gorski Kotar and in the Kvarner Bay area. Due to snow and gusty winds, some roads were closed, including part of the highway connecting Rijeka and Zagreb.

Parts of the country remain under snow on Monday. Mountainous areas are particularly difficult. The mountain shelter Zavižan, located in the Velebit range, which also serves as a weather station, was completely buried on Monday.

Snow in DalmatiaENEX

Main photo source: ENEX

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