Croatia. Polish policemen rescued a drowning 29-year-old in Makarska


Two Polish policemen on duty in Croatia rescued a 29-year-old drowning man. On Tuesday morning, on the beach in Makarska, they saw a man in the water. – He writhed in pain. It was obvious that his left shoulder was in an unnatural position. He was simply unable to continue sailing – says Deputy Commissioner Marcin Czyż. “Polish policemen are the great heroes of Makarska” – writes the local portal.

On July 18, Deputy Commissioner Marcin Czyż and junior midshipman Piotr Filar, stationed in the Croatian town of Makarska as part of the “Safe Tourism Place”, noticed a drowning man in the water on July 18, before the service.

– Before the service, my friend and I decided to go to the beach and swim. When we reached the beach, we noticed that about 100 meters from the shoreline, a woman was trying to tow a man who was drowning and disappearing under the water. The woman was waving and shouting in Croatian, calling for help, Deputy Commissioner Marcin Czyż reports in an interview with

– We knew that at that moment there were no lifeguards on the beach because it was too early for that. Without looking at anything, we took an inflatable SUP board from random sunbathers and went towards these two people to help them – continues the Polish policeman, adding that the water was about six meters deep in the place where the man was drowning.

“Polish policemen are the great heroes of Makarska”

The man writhed in pain. It was obvious that his left shoulder was in an unnatural position. He was simply unable to continue – describes Deputy Commissioner Czyż. The officer also noted that the woman calling for help tried to tow the man to the shore on her own, but due to her small body build, she “didn’t have the strength to do it”. Polish policemen, using a borrowed inflatable board, transported the injured man to the shore.

– We did not have any medical equipment with us, so we immobilized the man’s shoulder with his shirt – says Assistant Commissioner Czyż. The officers then took the victim to a nearby hotel where he was given medical attention.

In an interview with, a Polish policeman admitted that on the same day they met a man again, whom they helped in the morning. “He recognized us, came over and thanked us. He also told us that he had had problems with this shoulder in the past and would have to undergo major surgery for it in the near future, the officer said.

“Polish policemen are the great heroes of Makarska” – wrote the local portal “Jutarnji List”.

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Polish policemen in Croatia

Describing the assumptions of the “Safe Tourism Place” campaign, in which he and junior aspirant Piotr Filar participate, Deputy Commissioner Marcin Czyż says that 12 Polish policemen are stationed in Croatian towns from July 2 to August 31. – We are on duty with both police officers from Croatiaas well as from other countries such as Bosnia, South Korea or the United States, says the officer.

Deputy Commissioner Marcin Czyż and junior midshipman Piotr Filar in Croatia saved a drowning man.Police Headquarters

The deputy commissioner points out that in addition to “assisting Croatian policemen”, he also tries to “provide any assistance to Polish citizens”, acting, for example, as an interpreter. – We do really different jobs. We go to home interventions, help with collisions or road accidents, we also intervene when disturbing public order on the beach. We even helped tourists from Poland who arrived in Makarska late at night to find accommodation – he adds.

As emphasized in the statement sent to, Komm. Piotr Świstak from the Press and Information Department of the Social Communication Office of the General Police Headquarters, Polish policemen have been participating in the “Safe Tourism Place” for several years. The nature of their tasks on the spot, however, is “slightly different from that in the country”, “because the service of Polish policemen consists (mainly – ed.) of assisting Croatian police officers in performing their tasks”. e “They also serve in the so-called information points, where safe rest is promoted and tourists are provided with the necessary information to avoid accidents during their holidays.

In the aforementioned “infopoints”, Polish police officers provide advice on e.g. “safety during water sports, diving, snorkeling” or “fire safety and risks that may result from grilling”. “This year, the honorable service of ‘Polish Police Ambassadors’ in Croatia is performed by twelve officers. They represent the garrisons of Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Łódź, Lesser Poland, Subcarpathian, Capital, Silesian, Warmian-Masurian, Greater Poland and Western Pomeranian” – adds Kom. Piotr Świstak.

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Main photo source: Police Headquarters

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