Croatia. The snowstorm led to traffic paralysis. “It’s windy, the truck is rocking”


A snowstorm hit the western part of Croatia. Trucks got stuck on one of the highways leading to the capital. It also became white in other regions of the country.

A snowstorm swept through the Primorsko-Góra County on Friday, a county located in the western part of Croatia, in the commune of Čavle. The disaster led to traffic paralysis, among others, in the town of Grobnik. There, many trucks were stuck on the highway leading to Zagreb, the country’s capital. Drivers waited for roadside assistance for many hours.

– The truck I’m driving weighs about 41 tons and it swings like a matchstick, said driver Donko Pečurlić, who was stuck on the road.

– It’s windy, the truck is rocking, luckily the heating works – said another driver, Miljenko Miklošić. – We don’t know how long we will stand here – he added.

The winter weather did not surprise the inhabitants of Delnica, located in the Primorsko-Góra County. – You have to clear snow in the morning and evening, this is nothing new for us – said Vesna Bolf, a resident of this town.

Closed sections of motorways

Due to difficult weather conditions, a section of the A1 Bosiljevo – Mala Kapela motorway was closed in Lika, a region in southwestern Croatia. In the north-west of the country, the junction in Novi Marof and Breznički Hum was also closed.

Snow storm in Croatia ENEX

White in the capital

It also snowed in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Snow removal equipment was on the road.

It snowed in ZagrebPAP/EPA/ANTONIO BAT

It snowed in ZagrebPAP/EPA/ANTONIO BAT

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ANTONIO BAT

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