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Croatia. They return to compulsory military service. The Ministry of Defense has indicated the date

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The decision of the authorities in Zagreb was announced during the celebration of the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian army. In a short conversation with state television HRT, Ivan Anuszić confirmed the start of intensive work on the project suspension of regulations regarding compulsory military training for citizens.

– The task of preparing compulsory military service and basic military training was entrusted to the General Staff of the Armed Forces. The Chief of Staff informed me that he prepared absolutely the entire document and program on how it should go. We will present it to the Government of the Republic soon Croatiawe will make it public and start implementing it, announced the head of the Croatian Ministry of National Defense.

The politician emphasized that the entire procedure “is not small and cheap”, and the military must do a lot of work to do so prepare logistically to receive thousands of men.

– In 2008, we stopped compulsory military service and since then all the infrastructure and personnel who worked with conscripts have disappeared (…) We have potentially 18,000 young men – he said.

During the interview, the minister did not provide details of the program. According to information from the Croatian media, the prepared draft states that: the training will last at least three months. During it, conscripts will receive remuneration of EUR 700.

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Mandatory military service in NATO countries. Where is it valid?

The decision of the authorities in Zagreb means that Croatia is another country that decides to resume compulsory military service for men.

Currently, this type of regulations are valid in nine countries that are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Compulsory military service is required in: Greece, DenmarkNorway, Sweden, Finland, Turkey and also on Lithuania, Latvia and in Estonia.

W Poland the last military conscription took place in 2008. Two years later, the authorities decided to suspend compulsory military service. Although mandatory training is the cause of a heated political discussion, representatives of the Ministry of National Defense have repeatedly assured that there are currently no plans to restore compulsory service.

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