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Cruelty to Animals. What punishments and sentences do the courts give to animal torturers?

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He choked the cat with a cable, set his mustache on fire, recorded everything and put it on the network. The 22-year-old was arrested for three months for abusing his friend’s cat. He can stay in prison for up to five years, but such high sentences in similarly outrageous cases, although they may, are not issued. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

22-year-old Kacper B. from Gdynia tied his partner’s defenseless cat – he choked, brutally beat and burned his mustache, constantly inventing new tortures. The abuser posted all of this on social media.

The man was arrested. Officers secured his phone, which was full of evidence of bestiality. He heard the accusation of abusing the animal with particular cruelty. He was arrested for three months and faced with a sentence of up to five years in prison.

Lenient courts with animal torturers

– This maximum penalty has never been imposed, never even in the most drastic cases – points out lawyer Katarzyna Topczewska from the “Viva!” Foundation.

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Inspectors receive thousands of reports of abused animals, both domestic and farm animals – beaten and starved, but their torturers are rarely brought to justice.

The 22-year-old abused the cat, uploaded photos and recordings to the InternetInstagram / diozpl

Even when there is a trial, cases usually end with low and suspended sentences. This was the case with the former senator PIS Waldemar Bonkowski, who was dragging a dog behind the car, leading to his death in unimaginable torments. The trial court ordered a one-year prison sentence suspended for three years.

Low penalties for the abuse of animals

– It is a matter of mentality. Courts usually believe that it is only an animal, that its suffering is not that important, because it is only an animal – says Cezary Wyszyński from the “Viva!” Foundation.

Data from the Ministry of Justice from three years ago indicate less than 840 cases that ended in convictions. 228 people were given a suspended sentence, 105 were sent to prison, and only two people for more than three years.

Inspectors believe that Kacper B. will overestimate these statistics, and the abused cat – although it has serious neurological problems and is facing long treatment – will eventually fall to its four feet. – We hope that he will come out of it and fate will smile at him – says Katarzyna Kownacka, vice-president of OTOZ Animals.

Author:Łukasz Łubian, asty // now

Main photo source: Instagram / diozpl

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