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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Cryptocurrencies. Police: The 31-year-old lost almost PLN 80,000 on an internet fraud

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Cryptocurrency scam. According to the police, a 31-year-old from the Maków poviat who was contacted by an alleged consultant of the company in which he created an account to invest in virtual currencies lost 78,000 zlotys. The man installed an application that gave the fraudster full access to the 31-year-old’s computer and allowed him to borrow from the bank.

As Monika Winnik, spokeswoman for the Maków command points out, the scheme of cryptocurrency frauds’ operation is always very similar. – This is another case of internet fraud in our poviat. This time, the 31-year-old resident was called by a man claiming to be a representative of the company where he created an account for investing in cryptocurrencies. The alleged consultant told the 31-year-old that he had accumulated 44,000 zlotys on his account and that he must now pay them out – reports the policewoman.


He points out that the scammer offered the resident of the poviat his help, which he agreed to and willingly followed the scammer’s orders. – The 31-year-old installed an application on his computer that gave full access to his computer. The scammer asked to log into the bank account, which the man did. All the time he saw the fraudster remotely perform operations on his bank account. The interlocutor explained to him that in order to withdraw the money he earned, he had to deposit the sums of money he provided – describes Winnik.

However, the 31-year-old did not have the required amount on his account. – The fraudster started taking out loans on him, small in the beginning. He made transfers and took out loans, being in contact with the aggrieved by phone all the time and ensuring that the money would be returned to him – emphasizes the spokeswoman of the command.

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Not only did the money to the 31-year-old not come back, but the amount of debt increased even more. – During this “transaction” lasting several hours, the 31-year-old handed over a scan of his ID card. The fraudster took advantage of this and took out more loans. The man lost 78,000 zlotys in total – she summed up.

The police are calling for caution

The policewoman also called for caution: – Let’s not give in to pressure. Let’s watch out for seemingly attractive offers. Let us not act rashly, on the spur of the moment and emotion. If you read an article or post on social media or you are contacted by a person who offers: fast and high profit thanks to investing in cryptocurrencies, installing an application on a phone or computer, which is to be used to buy cryptocurrency or perform other financial operations, support in investments and using the application by an “analyst” who will call you and provide assistance, use common sense and caution.

Winnik also reminded not to share your data with anyone, such as passwords and logins for bank accounts, scans of documents or payment card numbers and pins to them.

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